10 Columbus Breweries With Food

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Columbus, Ohio, not only boasts a thriving craft beer scene but also offers a variety of breweries that provide delicious food options alongside their brews. The city’s culinary diversity and dedication to quality extend to its breweries, creating a perfect combination of flavors and experiences for visitors and locals alike.

Our curated list of the top 10 Columbus breweries with food ensures that you can enjoy a satisfying meal while indulging in finely crafted amazing beer. These breweries go beyond traditional pub fare, offering creative menus and culinary experiences that elevate your visit.

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In Columbus, you’ll find breweries that cater to diverse tastes, with menus ranging from elevated gastropub offerings to globally inspired cuisine. Whether you’re craving juicy burgers, wood-fired pizzas, or flavorful small plates, these breweries have you covered.

Here are the top 10 breweries with food in Columbus.

  1. Elevator Brewery
  2. Gemüt Biergarten
  3. Endeavor Brewing & Spirits
  4. Parsons North Brewing
  5. North High Brewing
  6. Land-Grant Brewing
  7. Sideswipe Brewing
  8. Rockmill Brewery
  9. Seventh Son Brewing
  10. BrewDog USA

The Top 10 Breweries In Columbus With Food

1. Elevator Brewery

Elevator Brewery offers a wide variety of craft beers, with 10-15 beers on tap at any given time. Their beers range from traditional German-style lagers to unique and experimental brews. Some of their most notable beers include their Hefeweizen, a German-style wheat beer, their Three Frogs IPA, and their Dark Horse Lager.

columbus breweries with food
Image Source: Elevator Brewery

In addition to its beer selection, Elevator Brewery is also known for its food menu. They offer a variety of comfort food dishes, including sandwiches, pasta, and burgers, as well as unique appetizers like their Beer Battered Pickle Fries. They also have a breakfast menu, making them a popular spot for brunch on the weekends.

Elevator Brewery has won numerous awards and accolades over the years, including several medals at the Great American Beer Festival. 

2. Gemüt Biergarten

Gemüt Biergarten, located in the Brewery District of Columbus, Ohio, offers a unique experience for craft beer enthusiasts. The brewery is housed in a historic building that was once a 19th-century livery stable, and the space retains much of its original charm with exposed brick walls and stained glass windows.

Some of their most popular beers include the Citra Noel IPA, Cream Ale, and Humulus Nimbus Pale Ale. They also offer a selection of sour beers. Aside from its impressive beer selection, Gemüt Biergarten has gained recognition for its food offerings. They specialize in traditional German cuisine, with dishes like Schnitzel, Spätzle, and Bratwurst.

Image Source: Gemüt Biergarten

They were even recognized as one of the “Best Beer Gardens in Columbus” by Ohio Beer Blog, emphasizing the sizeable beer garden patio area and the presence of “beer garden bungalows” for private groups.

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3. Endeavor Brewing & Spirits

Endeavor Brewing & Spirits, located in the heart of the Brewery District, is a craft brewery that has been gaining popularity in Columbus since its opening in 2017. The brewery was founded by Matthew & J.P. Heagen, who set out to create a space that combined their passions for craft beer and spirits.

columbus breweries with food
Image Source: Endeavor Brewing & Spirits

Endeavor offers a variety of beers on tap, including their award-winning High-Gravity Beer. Some of their most notable beers include the Barrel-Aged Maple Milk Stout, the Hoppy Belgian Tripel, and the Mango-Habanero Witbier.

Endeavor Brewing & Spirits is also renowned for its food menu. Their offerings range from small plates like Bavarian Pretzels, Fried Pickles, and Loaded Tater Tots to heartier options like their Cheeseburger Sliders and Handcrafted Pizzas. The brewery often features rotating specials from local chefs, giving patrons an opportunity to try something new every time they visit.

4. Parsons North Brewing

Parsons North Brewing is housed in a historic building in the Brewery District of Columbus. The brewery was founded in 2017 and has quickly become a favorite spot among locals and visitors alike. From the creamy Citra Noel to the refreshing Cream Ale, Parsons North Brewing offers something for everyone.

Their Humulus Nimbus, a sour beer with hints of peach and guava, is a standout among their selection. Not only does Parsons North offer great beer, but they also have a delicious food menu with comfort food favorites like burgers, wings, and loaded tater tots. And their German-inspired dishes, like the Schnitzel Sandwich, make for a perfect beer pairing.

5. North High Brewing

Founded in 2011, North High Brewing has quickly become a Columbus favorite in the craft beer scene. Located in the bustling Short North neighborhood, the brewery occupies a historic building with beautiful stained glass windows, creating a unique atmosphere for guests.

Image Source: North High Brewing

North High Brewing offers a variety of beers that cater to different palates. Their flagship beer, the Pale Ale, is a popular option for those who prefer something light and easy to drink. However, for beer connoisseurs, their award-winning Imperial Stout is a must-try. This high-gravity beer is aged in bourbon barrels for a rich and complex flavor profile.

Their signature dish is the Bavarian Pretzel Board, which comes with three kinds of imported German-style pretzels served with four dipping sauces. They also offer popular dishes like Loaded Tater Tots, Smoked Sausage Platter, and their unique take on the traditional Reuben sandwich.

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6. Land-Grant Brewing

Land-Grant Brewing Company is a popular Columbus-based craft brewery, established in 2012 by two Ohio State University graduates. The brewery is located in the heart of the Brewery District and strives to craft memorable beer offerings that keep patrons coming back for more.

One of their most notable beers is their Cream Ale, which won a gold medal at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival. This creamy beer is brewed with flaked corn and Vienna malt, giving it a smooth and refreshing taste.

Image Source: Land-Grant Brewing

Their food menu includes an array of classic bar snacks like Soft Pretzels, Fried Pickles, and Loaded Tater Tots. They also have more substantial dishes like the popular Country-Fried Chicken Sandwich and the Gouda Mac & Cheese.

7. Sideswipe Brewing

Sideswipe Brewing, located in the Grandview Heights area of Columbus, was founded in 2013 by the owner and head brewer Craig O’Herron. With a passion for craft beer and a desire to share his creations with the community, Craig set out to create unique and flavorful beers that would stand out in the crowded craft beer scene.

Image Source: Sideswipe Brewing

Sideswipe Brewing has a variety of year-round and seasonal beers on tap, with a focus on hop-forward and sour beers. Their Citra Cow IPA is a refreshing and juicy IPA that showcases the tropical and citrus flavors of Citra hop. Another popular beer is their Fisticuffs Amber Ale.

In addition to its award-winning beer, Wolf’s Ridge has an extensive food menu that features sandwiches, burgers, salads, pizzas, tacos, and more. They also have daily specials that give customers a chance to try something new each time they visit.

8. Rockmill Brewery

Rockmill Brewery, located in Lancaster, Ohio, is a Belgian-style brewery known for its high-gravity, barrel-aged beers. Founded in 2010 by Matthew Barbee, Rockmill Brewery is located on a picturesque farmstead with a 19th-century barn that was converted into a tasting room.

Image Source: Rockmill Brewery

One of their most notable beers is the Cask Aged Tripel, a Belgian-style ale aged for six months in a bourbon barrel with Brettanomyces, a type of yeast that adds a funky and complex flavor profile. This beer won a silver medal at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival in the wood- and barrel-aged sour beer category.

Rockmill Brewery also offers a variety of other Belgian-style beers, including a Saison, Dubbel, and Quadrupel. Their Witbier, a Belgian-style wheat beer brewed with coriander and orange peel, is a refreshing and citrusy option.

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9. Seventh Son Brewing

Seventh Son Brewing is a popular spot in Columbus’ Brewery District for beer lovers to grab a pint. Founded in 2013 by two childhood friends, Collin Castore and Jen Burton, Seventh Son has quickly become a staple in the city’s craft beer scene.

columbus breweries with food
Image Source: Seventh Son Brewing

One of the brewery’s most popular beers is the Humulus Nimbus. Another notable beer is the Proliferous. Seventh Son has also received recognition for their brews. Their Runaway IPA won a gold medal at the 2016 Great American Beer Festival in the American-style IPA category. They have also been listed among the top 100 breweries in the world by RateBeer.

Aside from their beer, Seventh Son offers comfort food options like loaded fries and sandwiches to pair with their brews. The brewery has an outdoor patio area and hosts special events, such as beer-pairing dinners and live music performances.

10. BrewDog USA

BrewDog USA is a craft brewery that was originally founded in Scotland in 2007 by James Watt and Martin Dickie. After experiencing success in Europe, they expanded their operation to the United States in 2015 and opened a production facility in Canal Winchester, Ohio.

Their flagship beer is the Punk IPA, a hoppy American-style IPA that has won several awards, including a gold medal at the 2010 World Beer Cup. In addition to its flagship beer, BrewDog USA offers everything from apps such as Fried Pickles served with chipotle ranch dressing to entrees including their Chili Mac Bowl made with ground beef & cheddar cheese sauce – all perfect partners for any pint you choose!

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Brewery Tours And Tastings In Columbus

Columbus is home to numerous craft breweries, each offering a unique experience and variety of beers. Here are some of the best brewery tours and tastings in Columbus:

• North High Brewing: North High Brewing offers a variety of tours, from private group tours to public seasonal tours. During the tour, visitors explore the brewery and taproom, learn about the brewing process and ingredients used in beer-making, sample several beers on tap, and even get discounts on merchandise. Tours last approximately one hour and cost $15 per person. 

• Wolf’s Ridge Brewing: Wolf’s Ridge Brewing offers weekly brewery tours every Tuesday evening for $10 per person. During the tour, visitors explore the production facility, learn about the brewing process and ingredients used in beer-making, sample several beers on tap or cask-conditioned ales from their barrel aging program, enjoy live music performances by local bands, and receive discounts on merchandise. 


The Columbus craft beer scene has been booming in recent years, and local breweries have stepped up their game to include food offerings as well. Many of these brewpubs offer unique menus with locally-sourced ingredients used to create dishes that are designed to pair perfectly with the beers they produce. There’s something for everyone in Columbus.