The 5 Best Outdoor Kegerators: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

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If you are a beer lover or serious about selling this drink, an outdoor kegerator is a game changer.

Outdoor kegerators refer to purpose-built refrigerators that assist in holding/storing a keg of beer. These units, manufactured for outdoor use, allow you to dispense cold and fresh beer through their ability to maintain a consistent temperature.

The following post will provide a comprehensive guide on the best outdoor kegerators of 2023. We’ll also discuss the benefits of purchasing the best outdoor kegerator and some factors you must consider when purchasing such a unit. Keep reading to learn more!

The Best Outdoor Kegerators Of 2023

If you’re looking for the best outdoor kegerators either for commercial or home use, here’s our list of the top units to consider in 2023:

1. EdgeStar 15″ Built-In Outdoor Kegerator

This incredible kegerator from EdgeStar is ideal for those looking to enjoy cold drinks outdoors. It’s also a fantastic add-on to the backyard bar. The kegerator incorporates a stainless-steel cabinet durable enough to withstand extreme weather elements such as snow, sleet, and sun. 

Other features incorporated in this kegerator include four casters, a surface-mount drip tray, stainless steel guardrail, a door handle, draft components, and a low-profile coupler.

This unit from EdgeStar is 15 inches wide. However, it stands out because it’s among the only kegerators that can hold one-sixth of a keg barrel and one-fourth of the unique slim barrel keg sizes. Additionally, this outdoor kegerator comes equipped with forced-air refrigeration tech and a control panel (electric) to ensure that your favorite beverage stays at appropriate temperatures at all times.


  • Simple to adjust the temperatures
  • Highly durable
  • Has interior light
  • Accommodates 1/6 and ¼ keg barrels


  • A bit expensive

2. Kegco Dual Faucet Digital Outdoor Kegerator (Commercial)

The Kegco Dual Faucet Digital Outdoor Kegerator is another incredible unit to consider if you want to incorporate the best home kegerator. This kegerator is specifically manufactured to be integrated as a standalone or built-in.

Additionally, with this kegerator, you’ll enjoy the convenience of different keg configurations. It’s compatible with three homebrew kegs, two quarter-barrel, and one full-size. It also comes equipped with two taps, increasing the convenience of serving your favorite beer. Even though it’s not a cheap option, this kegerator is flexible enough for heavy-duty use to be incorporated in different temperatures.


  • It’s suitable for either built-in or standalone installation
  • Completely safe for outdoor use


  • It’s costly
  • You need outdoor space to store this outdoor kegerator

3. Summit Appliance 30″ Built-in Kegerator

This incredible outdoor kegerator has a single compressor operation incorporating two different temperature zones. These zones allow you to tap your favorite draft beer on the right and display your wine on the other side.

Each Summit Appliance 30″ Built-in Kegerator compartment incorporates a temperature range between 34 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This is ideal as it helps you set the appropriate temperatures for different varieties of beer and wine.

The kegerator has all the tapping devices required to obtain your favorite beverage from a sixtel keg. Other crucial features you’ll find on this unit include a faucet, a regulator, a CO2 tank, and a stainless steel tower. The equipment also incorporates wheels (set of four), which enhances mobility and optional installation as required. As such, if you’re looking for the best kegerator outdoor, this is an ideal choice.


  • Offers a wide temperature range
  • Highly durable
  • Highly flexible


  • A bit costly

4. Summit Appliance 5.6 Cubic Feet Freestanding Kegerator

The Summit Appliance 5.6 Cubic Feet Freestanding Kegerator is a full-sized beer dispenser that can accommodate a quarter, full half, a mini keg, or a 1/6. The kegerator has a weatherproof design incorporating a stainless steel cabinet, a reversible door, and a handle mounted horizontally to complete the look.

The surface of this kegerator has a drip tray (removable) which helps collect the spills. It also has a guard rail (chrome) to keep the mugs and glasses in place. You also don’t have to worry about mobility with this outdoor kegerator as it has wheels/casters.

This outdoor kegerator also has a digital thermostat that enhances temperature management. Finally, the unit incorporates a dual tap kit to provide all the necessary accessories for draft service. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best outdoor kegerator, for example, the best kegerator and the best home kegerator, this is one of the ideal options. 


  • Adjustable temperature
  • Reversible door
  • Digital temperature display
  • Casters/wheels for convenient mobility


  • Expensive

5. TMCraft Growler Tap System Mini Keg

The TMCraft Growler Tap System Mini Keg is an ideal option for those looking for a fun and effective way to sip their favorite fresh beer while on the go. You can use it while camping with friends or in the backyard.

This portable mini kegerator can accommodate up to 1228 ounces of beer, keeping it cool for up to three hours. It has a single tap and a dimension of 5.3 by 7.7 by 18.3 inches. As such, when looking for the best mini kegerator or the best kegerator brand, this is an ideal option.


  • Comes with a huge cool factor
  • Performs incredibly well
  • Highly portable


  • Not practical for regular use

What Are The Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Kegerator? 

1. Keeps Drinks Cold and Fresh

One huge benefit of owning the best outdoor kegerator, or one of the best outdoor kegerators, is having cold and fresh beer any time you wish. Store beer and other drinks in a stainless steel keg and within a kegerator’s refrigerated cabinets; they’ll stay fresh and maintain their quality for long durations. You’ll be able to enjoy a consistently fresh taste from every pour.

When you store a refrigerated keg in an outdoor kegerator incorporating CO2, this drink will last approximately 6-8 weeks without losing its initial fresh taste. The duration will vary depending on the beverage type stored in the kegerator. Additionally, storing pasteurized beers in the kegerator at appropriate temperatures will enable them to last for about three to six months.

2. Allows for Easy Access to Draft Beer

Obtaining an outdoor kegerator means easy access to draft beer, all at your utmost convenience. Outdoor kegerators incorporate a tap and faucet in their manufacture, making it easy to obtain draft beer without going inside the house. These units also incorporate CO2 units, so you don’t have to worry about the beer’s freshness as these units help maintain the appropriate carbonation levels.

Overall, an outdoor kegerator is handy for upgrading your patio or backyard. With it, you can entertain your guests with outdoor parties and serve them unlimited drinks without wasting time on frequent trips to get beer inside the house or at a local store. 

3. Allows for Flexibility in Brewing Styles

Flexibility in brewing styles is another incredible advantage of owning an outdoor kegerator. With this kegerator type, you don’t have to worry about dispensing and storing a single beer type since this unit can accommodate a wide variety. For instance, you can incorporate ales, lagers, and pilsners in these kegerators by simply switching out the kegs depending on your needs and those of your guests.

In addition, outdoor kegerators that incorporate temperature control features also offer flexibility in brewing styles. As you all know, not all beers are served best at the same temperatures. Some require warmer temperatures and others that require colder temperatures. Therefore having an outdoor kegerator, you can easily adjust these crucial temperature features, giving you a wide variety of options for serving different beer styles. 

4. Can Be Used in Multiple Locations

Owning an outdoor kegerator is an incredible idea since it helps add value to your outdoor living area. With these outdoor settings, you and your guests will be able to enjoy limitless beer options as well as other beverages. Did you know you can place your outdoor kegerator in multiple locations to offer convenience and flexibility? For instance, you can use this unit in your backyard, patio, outdoor kitchen, or pool area.

You may incorporate wheels or casters on the bottom of the kegerator to enhance its portability. As you do this, remember to safely secure the unit so it doesn’t roll away and cause havoc, then proceed to enjoy its utmost convenience.

5. Convenience of Having a Kegerator Built-In

Another benefit of having an outdoor kegerator is that it offers convenience. For instance, with an outdoor kegerator at home, you’ll avoid traffic while driving and reduce the hustle of finding parking at your favorite spot. You won’t have to spend time queuing and ordering drinks at your local bar.

An outdoor kegerator offers the comfort of a home bar. This means you can watch your favorite TV show or game without worrying about where you’ll get drinks. You also won’t need to worry about driving home while sober or paying for an expensive cab home since you’re already at your premise.

What to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Kegerator? 

1. Outdoor Kegerators: Price

The cost of outdoor kegerators will vary depending on what you need. For instance, full-size kegerators (commercial-grade) can cost up to $3,000, while mini kegerators may cost up to $200. Still, you can get an average beer lover quality unit for approximately $1,000.

The cost of these kegerators will also depend on other aspects like the CO2 tanks and couplers. For this case, it would be best to check whether your outdoor kegerator comes with these parts or if you must purchase them separately.

Alternatively, if you have a fridge you’d like to convert into a kegerator, check out these best kegerator conversion kits, or the best mini fridges for kegerator conversion

2. Outdoor Kegerators: Quality and Durability

Quality and durability are crucial factors to consider when purchasing an outdoor kegerator, such as the best beer kegerator or an outdoor bar kegerator. Quality means the ability of the kegerator to provide the utmost excellence. In contrast, durability refers to the period the unit will last while withstanding different elements. Don’t hesitate to look out for these two aspects when purchasing an outdoor kegerator, as they’ll come in handy to offer a long-lasting investment.

3. Outdoor Kegerators: Design and Looks

If you’re so selective when purchasing different items, you won’t want to compromise on the design and looks when purchasing the best outdoor kegerator. These two aspects are crucial since they’ll highly impact your kegerator’s functionality and aesthetic value in an outdoor space.

Therefore when choosing these units, for example, an outdoor bar kegerator or best beer kegerator, ensure it’s designed appropriately to suit your needs and looks appealing to complement your outdoor area. 

4. Outdoor Kegerators: Size and Capacity

Size and capacity are crucial aspects to consider when purchasing an outdoor kegerator. Consider the space the unit will take up where you wish to place them. The size of a full kegerator is almost similar to that of a regular-sized keg. You’ll need approximately 3-4 square feet to store a full-size kegerator. The height can reach 4 feet depending on the kegerator’s tap size.

5. Outdoor Kegerators: Dispensing System

Outdoor kegerators come equipped with different dispensing systems. For instance, some kegerators have a remote draw system ideal for large units. In contrast, others incorporate a direct draw system, which is easy to assemble, and people can use it with smaller units. Therefore, when purchasing an outdoor kegerator, look at the dispensing system that perfectly suits your needs. 

6. Outdoor Kegerators: Temperature Control

When buying an outdoor kegerator, this is one aspect you wouldn’t wish to forget. Temperature control plays a huge part in an outdoor kegerator since it helps maintain the freshness and quality of the drink. Therefore, when purchasing these units, look for those kegerators equipped with an effective temperature control system. External weather conditions won’t affect such units as they can maintain a consistent temperature. 

7. Outdoor Kegerators: Energy Efficiency

It’s crucial to look at the energy efficiency of an outdoor kegerator. You wouldn’t want to deal with hefty electricity bills coming from your unit. A great outdoor kegerator provides energy efficiency to assist you lower electricity bills. Energy-efficient models also last longer and reduce carbon footprint, thus saving the environment. 

8. Outdoor Kegerators: Cleaning and Maintenance

Every device/appliance requires cleaning and maintenance to ensure it operates smoothly. Outdoor kegerators come with a CO2 tank that runs out after some time. This means you have to remove it regularly to refill it. Ensure you find an appropriate location that offers this service to ensure your tank remains in good condition.

In matters of cleaning, you can clean a kegerator in different ways. Most love to flush the lines out using a cleaning agent after two weeks. Others prefer to incorporate a chemical agent (more potent) after every three months to eliminate any “beer stones” that may have built up for some time. Nevertheless, if you own an outdoor kegerator, it’s best to conduct a deep clean about once a year to enhance its functionality at full capacity.


Here are some commonly asked questions about the best outdoor kegerators. 

How much does a kegerator cost?

No standard amount exists for all kegerator types since the costs of these units will highly depend on different aspects. For instance, brands will cost their units differently depending on the features. Additionally, single-keg units will be less costly compared to multiple-keg units. 

Nevertheless, a typical unit incorporating standard features may cost around $250 to $550. Complex models are more costly, and you may pay up to $1000 or more.

What size kegerator should I buy?

Outdoor kegerators, such as multiple and single keg units, come in different sizes. The size of the kegerator you choose will highly depend on several crucial aspects.

To begin with, one must consider their available space and check whether it can accommodate a big or a small unit. You also have to consider the needs as to why you require the kegerator. If you’re purchasing the kegerator for business purposes, purchasing multiple keg units that can accommodate up to 5 kegs is ideal. On the other hand, getting a single keg unit is ideal if you need a kegerator for your outdoor parties.

Finally, it’s also crucial to consider your future requirements if you’re operating a bar business and have plans to serve your clientele with different beer collections, buy a kegerator size that can hold multiple kegs. 

Are kegerators safe to use outdoors?

For those planning to purchase a kegerator, you may have questions on whether the market offers the perfect choice for outdoor use. The good news is that while most kegerators are manufactured for indoor purposes, you’ll still come across other kegerators that serve the outdoors perfectly.

Such kegerators, if you’re keen enough, incorporate special formulations. For instance, outdoor kegerators manufacturers use durable materials like stainless steel to manufacture these refrigerators. Using durable material is crucial as it protects the kegerators from extreme weather elements. These manufacturers also incorporate weatherproofing in their make to ensure the components in the kegerator aren’t altered.

How do you install an outdoor kegerator?

You need to follow crucial steps to install your outdoor kegerator perfectly. However, before you start this process, thoroughly peruse the manufacturer’s instructions. If the kegerator was placed on its side during transportation, ensure it stays upright for 24 hours before starting installation. Then process to place the kegerator in its final location, making room for ventilation clearances as instructed by the manufacturer.

The first step of installing an outdoor kegerator is the draft tower installation. This process involves placing the rubber washer, installing the beer line, and incorporating the draft tower by securing it with screws. The next crucial step involves feeding/placing the air hose into your draft tower. After that, appropriately fix the tap handle on the tap faucets.

Once that is complete, proceed with the carbon dioxide tank installation. Always remember to place this tank upright every time. After installation, attach this tank to the regulator, which will connect to the outdoor kegerator. The next step involves using the right fittings to connect the beer lines to the tower shank and keg coupler.

After it’s all set up, ensure you test the system by setting the right pressure levels depending on the beer type you ought to incorporate.

What types of kegs can be used with a kegerator?

As mentioned earlier, kegerators come in an array of sizes. Different manufacturers design these refrigerators to work with certain keg sizes. Therefore, when purchasing your desirable keg, it’s always best to check whether it’s compatible and can be used with your kegerator. The following is a list of common keg types you can incorporate in a kegerator:

  • Sixth barrel kegs
  • Slim quarter kegs
  • Cornelius kegs
  • Quarter barrel kegs
  • Standard American Sankey kegs
  • European Sankey kegs