Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Halal?

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Many formerly excluded groups are now able to partake in social drinking because of the expansion of the non-alcoholic beer business. People who abstain from alcohol for a variety of reasons from health concerns to serving as the night’s designated driver—have more options than ever. But not everyone in the Islamic community is benefiting from non-alcoholic beer.

Beer without alcohol is not recognized as halal by Muslims, who adhere to strict rules about what they can and cannot eat. Let’s examine what halal actually entails, why non-alcoholic beers would not be allowed, and why there is some controversy surrounding it.

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What Are Halal And Haram?

Arabic words for permissible and admissible, such as halal, and for forbidden and unlawful, such as haram, are used. While these phrases can be used to describe any aspect of Islamic living, they are most frequently associated with food and beverages. In order for food or beverages to be considered halal, they must meet a number of requirements. The body is deemed to be harmed by anything classified as haram, hence it is forbidden to eat it.

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Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Halal?

Yes, non-alcoholic beer is halal. While alcohol is not permitted in Islam, there is no prohibition on non-alcoholic beer. In reality, non-alcoholic beer is a popular beverage among Muslims since it offers a refreshing alternative to sweet beverages.  

Non-alcoholic beer is made using a process called fermentation. During this process, yeast breaks down the sugars in the malt and produces alcohol. However, the alcohol is then removed from the beer before it is bottled or canned. As a result, non-alcoholic beer contains no alcohol whatsoever.

Food is generally regarded as halal unless it is expressly forbidden by the Qur’an or Hadith.

For food to be regarded as halal:

  • Islamic law states that it cannot contain any foods that Muslims are forbidden from consuming.
  • It must be created, or processed using tools, machinery, or other equipment that has been cleaned in accordance with Islamic law.

When it comes to food, it’s usually very obvious whether something is halal or haram, but what about drinks? Is halal beer non-alcoholic?

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List Of Haram Foods And Beverages

The following list of haram (illegal) foods and beverages include:

  • Pork and its derivatives, including any meat from pigs
  • Raptors, other carnivorous animals, and products derived from them
  • Inappropriately prepared meats and their derivatives (For a slaughter to be considered halal, the animal must not be dead before being killed, a Muslim must recite the phrase “in the name of God” prior to the killing, and the animal’s blood must be completely drained.)
  • Alcohol and its compounds are sedatives.

The majority of things that aren’t on this list are regarded as halal. When a halal alternative is not available, Muslims may occasionally choose a kosher choice because halal is comparable to the Jewish standard of “kosher.”

Can Muslims Drink Beer That Is Non-Alcoholic?

Let’s address the crucial query. Can Muslims drink beer that is alcohol-free? Is halal beer non-alcoholic?

Beer without alcohol is forbidden (not halal). Because it has a trace amount of alcohol, it is forbidden by the Qur’an. All non-alcoholic beer should be avoided by our committed Muslim readers.

Even if the non-alcoholic beer was completely free of alcohol, any brewery that utilized the same machinery to make non-alcoholic beer as normal beer could not claim that their non-alcoholic beer was halal since it was produced there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Consuming Non-Alcoholic Wine Halal?

The ability to de-alcoholize wines to 0.0% or less than 0.05% alcohol by volume was not achieved until more recently, thanks to the application of modern technologies. Non-alcoholic wines can now receive Halal Certification thanks to this invention. As a result, non-alcoholic wine is not “just grape juice,” as some skeptics may believe.

Is Heineken 0.0 Halal?

Heineken Malaysia released a statement that read, “We wish to once more underline that Heineken 0.0 is non-halal and is aimed at non-Muslims, aged 21 and above.”