The 11 Best Indian Beers

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Beers are one of the oldest inventions of India. Surprised? Well, back then, it was rice and millet. But today, the word “beer” is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented yeast and malt. Several international beer brands have entered the market, making beer consumption common among today’s generation. Beer is considered more like a celebratory drink, especially during festivals in India. 

After rigorous research, we are glad to introduce to you some of the most well-known and best Indian beers, which Indian people commonly drink.

India’s 11 Best Beers

1. Kingfisher

With 7 out of 10 consumers recommending it, Kingfisher is probably India’s most popular beer brand. During celebratory occasions, the term “king of happy times” exemplifies this beer well, especially among young Indians. It has a light and refreshing flavor that many beer drinkers fall in love with. The taste is harsh at first, but it’s incredible when eaten with salted peanuts.

It has a smooth flow and is available in various flavors, including kingfisher premium, kingfisher intense, kingfisher ultra (5% alcohol), and kingfisher blue.

2. Tuborg

Tuborg is a low-alcohol lager beer yielded by fermenting yeast on the bottom. It has a mild, fresh floral scent because it is brewed with large malt. The aftertaste of this drink is medium-heavy and a little sour. 

Whether having a party or just hanging out with your friends and family, this beer goes well with any type of food, with salads and spicy Asian cuisines. Tuborg is the second most popular brand in India and the first in the world, and it is also the most popular foreign brand internationally. 

3. Budweiser 

Budweiser has risen to become one of the famous Indian beers since its foundation in 1876. It originated in the United States and is currently available in more than 80 countries worldwide. It’s regarded as one of the best-filtered beers in India. The packaging is available as beer bottles and beverage cans. 

The beer bottle has stayed almost the same since 1876 and has experienced no substantial changes. It is a unique beer since it includes 30% rice, hops, and barley grain.

4. Carlsberg

It is often called “the best beer globally” because of its diverse flavors and unique taste. Despite the mildly bitter taste, it is unrivaled in smoothness and silkiness. 

Many beer experts and enthusiasts prefer drinking it on celebratory occasions since it is one of those affordable high-end beers that fit everybody’s budget. 

In addition to the original Elephant strong premium beer (7 percent alcohol), you may consider Carlsberg Smith, which contains 5 percent alcohol. Either way, Carslberg is a popular option for various events and hangouts because of its versatility.

5. Bira 

Bira is brewed by B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd., regarded as one of the best Indian beers. This beer was first released in 2015 and swiftly gained traction in the Indian beer business, and it is widely regarded as one of India’s best craft beers. 

The beer was initially produced in Belgium using high-quality ingredients imported from France, Belgium, the Himalayas, and Bavarian farms, among other locations. 

Later on, the company started manufacturing the beer in India due to rising demand and financial success. Bira is made from wheat, barley hops, pomelo, mosaic, yeast strains, and strangely orange peels making it uniquely flavorful. It comes in 330ml and 650ml bottles and 500ml cans in India.

6. Corona

Some people can’t stand the bitter taste of beer. For you alone, Corona is the only thing that fits perfectly. In the United States, Corona has been made since 1925. A “Cerveza” called Corona has a pleasant, smooth taste and smells like fruit, honey, or malt. It’s not too strong or too weak. A good mix of hops and malt makes the taste light and crisp. It has a good amount of both. 

Even though this drink isn’t popular with chain drinkers, it’s popular among people who don’t like the typical taste of beer. The only problem with this beer is that it isn’t cheap. In most places, Corona beer costs about 3.27$ 

In clubs and pubs, prices may go up by 3.93$ to -7.86$. If you’re a beginner, try Corona, it’s worth it. If you want to get the best taste, serve it with spicy or citrus-based foods.

7. Khajuraho

When you see photographs of the famed Khajuraho monuments on the bottles of a neglected beer brand, you’ll indeed be intrigued and would want to find out more. This light-yellow beer with a Swedish flavor is available in Super Strong (8.5-9 percent ABV) and Lite (4.5 percent ABV). 

It is also available in two sizes: 12 ounces and 16 ounces. Khajuraho Beer, initially made in 1969 by Lilasons Breweries Ltd and claimed to be India’s first super-strong beer, debuted in 1969 and claimed to be the world’s first super-strong beer. When it’s hot outside, and you want nothing more than a cool drink to go with your carnivorous appetites, this is the beer for you.

8. Foster’s

Fosters, a popular drink in Australia, is also very popular in India. Like most other beers, Foster’s also uses hops in the production process to balance the sweetness of the malt and add a touch of bitterness to it. 

There are only two types of this beer. Foster’s Lager, which is golden in color and has a malty smell, and Foster’s Premium, which is copper in color, are the two most popular products of the company. This brew has a lot of caramel aromas, but it also has a lot of well-balanced maltiness. Many people like solid and bitter beers, so you should try Fosters.

9. Haywards 5000

Sir Anthony Hayward, a Britisher, founded the Haywards whiskey brand in 1983, and it has since evolved to become a worldwide brand. His two grandchildren now own a charming antique bed and breakfast in South Goa. Haywards 5000 was firstly introduced in 1978 and continues to be used today. 

It is a vibrant alcoholic mixture since it contains more than 7% alcohol. Its strange aftertaste has critic advocates and opponents, but you’ll have to try it for yourself to decide. If you want something even more powerful, go no further than the Haywards 10000. This beer is most often consumed in the states of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh.

10. White Owl

Beer enthusiasts highly recommend consuming this beer regularly since it has various flavors. As striking as the names of this beer, which include Torpedo, Shadow, Halcyon, Diablo, and a plethora of other variations, is the flavor of the beer itself. 

The White Owl is available in three primary flavors and brew types: Spark (Belgian wit), Ace (Apple Cider Ale), and Diablo (Irish Red Ale). The Belgian wit has a sharp low-bitterness, summery citrusy taste with a light body and hazy texture. While the Ace is a bubbly variant with no hints of bitterness and a light sweet apple finish, the Diablo comes with hints of caramel, light body, and low bitterness clear texture. 

There are more flavors in the pipelines, like Torpedo (American Pale Ale), Spike (German Weizenbock), Shadow (English Porter), Pauline (German Kolsch), and Now or Never (Seasonal Ale).

11.  Godfather 

Additionally, Godfather is a well-known brand in the country’s northernmost area. It is smooth and full-bodied in flavor; it has a good head and substantial tongue-filling content. It’s an excellent beer to drink. Their beers are brewed with extra freshness in mind but no compromise in flavor. 

Incredibly refreshing, Godfathers is brewed with only the best-malted barley and the highest quality German hops, which have been fermented for more than 25 days before serving. 7.5 percent alcohol by volume, Godfather Strong packs a punch for the real beer connoisseur.

Final Thoughts on the Best Indian Beers

Those mentioned above are among India’s best-known and commonly available Indian beer brands. However, some regions have their brands unique to their area or state yet famous among locals and outsiders. 

There are many more well-known brands in the Indian alcohol market, and you are welcome to sample any of them.

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