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Brew Publik is run by three friends who happened to know a little bit about beers, wanted to learn more, and realized there were many more people like themselves out there!

It turns out, you enjoy your beer even more once you know what goes into it, where it comes from, and how to store it and serve it properly. So we created Brew Publik to help others deepen their understanding and appreciation of the world of beers. And to drink delicious beers from all over the world while we were at it!

You can think of Brew Publik as that friend of yours who really knows their beer, cannot stop talking about the latest brewing trends, and would spend the weekend building their own tap system. And when you are out at the pub or at the grocery store, you can count on them to recommend what beer to get.

From beer equipment and accessories, to online beer stores, to the best beers from around the world, to the most popular “beer-of-the-month” subscriptions, here at Brew Publik we cover all things beer and we hope to keep you informed and entertained.

Some of the questions we will help you answer:

  • What are the best beers from South Korea?
  • How do you buy beer online?
  • What are the best breweries in Oregon?
  • Which beers should you buy from Costco?
  • How can you build your own kegerator, so you can enjoy draft beer anytime?

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