10 Beers Like Leffe Blonde

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The original blond abbey beer Leffe Blonde has a faint undertone of bitterness. Leffe Blonde is the best-tasting beer by far; it has a delicate, distinctive flavour that adds a special touch to straightforward dishes and is delicately well with your fried foods. Aroma: Spicy and floral with vanilla and clove undertones.

To get an idea of the range of flavours available, though, if you’re just beginning to start, check out these 10 beers that are comparable to Leffe Blonde.

  1. Chimay
  2. La chouffe
  3. Brugse Straffe Hendrik
  4. Bush Beer 
  5. Corsendonk Pater Noster 
  6. Gouden Carolus
  7. Delirium Tremens
  8. De Koninck
  9.  Lambic
  10. Westmalle

What Is Leffe Blonde And Why Do People Like It

Defining Belgian beer is challenging. From tangy pilsners to lip-smacking sours, styles run the gauntlet (or chalice), dodging IPAs, wheat beers, and red ales along the way.

If there is anything that connects the overwhelmingly diverse selection of ales, it is their nearly unwavering excellence and barrels of history. There are well-known Trappist beers, which have been produced for centuries by monks inside Benedictine monasteries and consistently rank among the best in the world.

Then there are the distinctively sour, complex lambic ales that are only made in Brussels and Pajottenland, an area south of the city, and that spontaneously ferment with wild yeasts. These beers are like the beer version of sourdough bread.

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Beers Similar To Leffe Blonde

  1. Chimay (Top In Red 7%, Top In Blue 9%)

Chimay beers, produced by the Trappist monks at Forges-Les-Chimay in southern Belgium, are among the best in the world. These two beers, which are among the several they offer and are powerful, fruity, deep in the body, and mildly spicy with a hint of nutmeg and thyme, are the easiest to find of all of them.

  1. La Chouffe (8%) 

This unique beer, which is made in the Ardennes, is easily recognized because to the red-hooded gnome (or chouffe) that graces its label. It’s a crisp pale ale with a fruity finish and a trace of coriander.

Beers Like Leffe Blonde
  1. Brugse Straffe Hendrik , 6.5% Blonde And 8.5% Brune

In the heart of Bruges, Straffe Hendrik is a chic tiny Belgian brewery that brews tart, cool ales. While the Bruin is a traditional brown ale with a robust body, its Blond is a light and tangy pale ale.

  1. Beer Bush (7.5% and 12%)

The Belgian brewery that makes Bush, a specialty of Wallonia, asserts that the original is, at 12%, the strongest beer in all of Belgium. It has a wonderful golden hue, an earthy spicy aroma, and a taste that is more similar to barley wine. A nice pale brew with a kick of coriander, The 7.5% Bush.

  1. Corsendonk Pater Noster (5.6%)

This bottled fruit beer, which Jef Keersmaekers created, is unquestionably the best of the several Corsendonk breweries. It is renowned for its smokey bouquet and Burgundy-brown color.

  1. Gouden Carolus (8%)

Gouden Carolus is a full-bodied dark brown ale that is reputed to have been Charles V of the Habsburg emperor’s favorite brew. It has a slightly fruity aftertaste and is sour. brewed in the Flemish city of Mechelen.

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  1. Delirium Tremens (9%)

The primary offering from the Huyghe brewery in Ghent is this well-liked spicy amber ale. Even in cities like Brussels, Lisbon, and Amsterdam in Europe, there are craft beer pubs owned by Delirium; the Brussels location boasts over 3,000 beers from around the world to sample.

  1. De Koninck (5%)

De Koninck, the top brewery in Antwerp, is a Flemish institution and, for some, a way of life. De Koninck, the company’s flagship beer, is a smooth, golden pale ale that tastes better on draft than in a bottle. The sharp aftertaste and very drinkable.

  1. Lambic (Cantillon Lambik 5%, Lindemans Lambik 4%)

Lambic Belgian beers are unique to the Brussels region and represent one of the world’s oldest brewing techniques. They are acidic because they are brewed with at least 30% raw wheat in addition to the more common malted barley.

The important component of their creation, however, is the employment of wild yeast, a method of spontaneous fermentation in which the airborne yeasts drift downward into open wooden casks over two to three years.

Even though draught lambic is extremely uncommon, A la Bécasse in the heart of Brussels does provide it.

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  1. Kwak (8%)

This Flemish beer, the flagship offering of the family-run Bosteels brewery, is not particularly noteworthy it is an amber lager that has been lightly sweetened with sugar but it is presented dramatically, with its unique hourglass set in a wooden stand.


Brews from the US and the UK are competing with more well-known brands from all over Europe as craft beer has recently taken over the bar scene. If you enjoy drinking small-batch brews, you should consider traveling to Belgium, which is where it all started.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Leffe Blonde

Leffe Blonde Is What Kind Of Beer?

Leffe Blonde is a full-bodied, bright, golden coloured pale Abbey beer. It boasts a rich, creamy head with a flavour that is full-bodied and smooth. It is a “connoisseur” beer that is simple to consume, just like all of the Leffe brews.

What Does The Belgian Word Leffe Mean?

A premium beer brand owned by Belgium, the European division of the massive Anheuser-Busch brewing conglomerate, is called Leffe. The line includes several beers that are advertised as abbey beers. They are produced in big quantities and sold everywhere.