Can You Get A Hangover From Non-Alcoholic Beer?

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Did you realize that non-alcoholic beer might be beneficial to your health? We all know it can be a healthier alternative to its alcoholic counterpart. Non-alcoholic beer has several advantages beyond just being a better option for drinking.

Non-alcoholic beer provides advantages over an ordinary beer in many instances and is also healthier overall. It promotes better sleep, hydrates rather than dehydrates, help with post-workout recovery, and may even lessen anxiety.

You probably didn’t need any more excuses to enjoy your favorite NA beer, but after reading this, you’ll appreciate them even more. Continue reading while drinking.

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Can You Get A Hangover From Non-Alcoholic Beer?

No, you cannot get a hangover from non-alcoholic beer. While alcoholic beer can cause dehydration and lead to a hangover, non-alcoholic beer does not contain any alcohol and will not dehydrate you. Drinking non-alcoholic beer may help to prevent a hangover by keeping you hydrated.

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Beer Without Alcohol: A Better Option

Let’s take a look at how NA compares to its alcoholic counterpart before we get into the actual health advantages. We are aware that it is an improved option, but how?


Having non-alcoholic options available is essential if you’re expecting, on certain medications, or have been recommended to reduce your alcohol use by a doctor. You can want to replace your usual beverage with something alcohol-free if your health and fitness are top priorities.


It may seem harmless to relax with a few beers when you sit down at a bar or restaurant. Driving there, however, makes it dangerous to return home. If you intend to go, it is usually preferable to opt for a non-alcoholic beverage unless you want to pay for a trip home or have a designated driver.

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How To Prevent Hangovers

It can be enough to make you wary of the consequences of alcohol on occasion just think about an early morning or a significant event the following day. The preferable choice is a non-alcoholic beer if you want to avoid any hangover symptoms. The best thing about it is that you can typically consume it in secret. People will refrain from pressing you to have “just one drink” as long as you have a drink in your hand.

Low Calories

Have you noticed that the nutrition facts are never listed on standard beer, wine, or liquor bottles? Although you can locate the ABV, you will never be aware of the calories or sugar levels. Additionally, ignorance is not necessarily bliss in this circumstance.

A pint of beer typically contains 200 calories. But remember that this is average. Some stronger, heavier beers may contain a lot more alcohol. Around 150 calories are contained in a typical 12 oz bottle of light beer. You are consuming empty calories if you consume a few of these.

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How Alcohol-Free Beer Benefits Your Health

Now let’s get down to business. Non-alcoholic beer can be a delightful addition to a healthy lifestyle and can even benefit your health. Isn’t that the most exciting news you’ve heard today?

What precisely are the health advantages of non-alcoholic beer?

It Hydrates Rather Than Dehydrates.

Most liquids help you stay hydrated except caffeinated beverages. So, although drinking a regular beer causes you to become dehydrated, going for the non-alcoholic version when you’re thirsty works. You won’t feel a hangover brought on by dehydration, nor does it act as a diuretic.

A few NA brewers are also producing beers with electrolytes added. A beer with electrolytes can do a better job of quenching your thirst than a sweet sports drink.

It Encourages Deeper Sleep And Can Lessen Anxiety

Alcohol has long been thought to aid in sleeping. Even though it might, it leads to unsatisfactory sleep. Non-alcoholic beer is the best option if you want to drink something to help you go to sleep. According to studies on a group of nurses, those who drank a non-alcoholic beer before bed had higher sleep quality and fell asleep faster than those who drank nothing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Negative Impacts Might Non-Alcoholic Beer Cause?

Non-alcoholic beers nevertheless have certain harmful effects on health even though they don’t have enough alcohol to make you drunk. Both the calories and the carbohydrates in these items have the potential to be quite high, which might result in problems like obesity and nausea.

Can You Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer And Get Drunk?

Our findings show that ten typical non-alcoholic beer servings are equivalent to one regular beer. This indicates that it would take about 40 cans of non-alcoholic beer to consume the required amount of alcohol to become intoxicated.

Is Beer Without Alcohol Genuinely Healthy?

More than 2,000 compounds included in non-alcoholic beer help your body perform at its best and healthiest. This beverage is considerably better than any soft drink or soda, which has a high quantity of sugar and is bad for your health. It contains proteins, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.