10 Beers Like Kona Big Wave

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Hawaii’s Kona Brewing Company is known for its Big Wave Golden Ale, a smooth and refreshing beer that many people enjoy. But what if you can’t get your hands on a bottle of Big Wave? Or maybe you’re just looking for something new to drink? Check out these 10 beers that are similar to Kona’s Big Wave Golden Ale!

  1. Birra Amarcord Italian Golden Ale
  2. Sierra Nevada BFD
  3. Samuel Adams Golden Ale
  4. Kona Big Wave Golden Ale
  5. SweetWater Golden Summer Ale
  6. Edmund’s Oast Something Cold
  7. Narragansett Fresh Catch
  8. Monday Night I’m On A Boat Golden Ale
  9. Surly First Avenue +1
  10. Victory Summer Love

What Is Kona Big Wave And Why Do People Like It

Kona Big Wave is a coffee bean variety that is grown in the Kona region of Hawaii. The coffee beans are known for their unique flavor and aroma. They are also one of the most expensive coffee beans in the world.

People who like Kona Big Wave coffee say that it has a rich, smooth taste with hints of chocolate and nuts. It is also said to be very low in acidity. Some people find that it is an easy drinking beer and it has a slightly floral taste as well.

Kona Big Wave coffee is used in special coffees and can be found in many gourmet coffee shops. It is also sometimes used in blended coffees.

If you are looking for a unique coffee to try, then Kona Big Wave coffee might be the right choice for you.

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Beers Similar To Kona Big Wave

  1. Birra Amarcord Italian Golden Ale

ABV: 6% Apecchio, Italy

One essential component the beer industry use is yeast which makes this beer fundamentally better than the others. We’re not referring to the orange blossom honey here.

The beer entered our tasting as an “Italian golden ale,” but it is most certainly Belgian-style, which makes for an entirely different overall experience. This golden lager, which is brightly bubbly and bursting with the aromas of banana and pepper, is a great example of what yeast is capable of. 

  1. Sierra Nevada BFD

ABV: 4.8% Chico, Calif., and Asheville, N.C.

The golden refreshing ale for hop aficionados is called BFD, or “Beer for Drinking.” Its fluffy head emits a fresh hop aroma and fruity flavor that one panelist compared to “rubbing a newly plucked hop cone between your palms and tasting the powder.”

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  1. Samuel Adams Golden Ale

ABV: 5% Breinigsville, Pa., Cincinnati, Ohio, and Boston, Mass.

This delicious beer is more flavorful than most of the others, with a sweet bread aroma (one panelist compared it to a fresh bagel) and a bright, balancing bitterness. It is light amber and topped with an eggshell-white head.

  1. Kona Big Wave Golden Ale

ABV for Kona, Hawaii: 4.4%

This caramel malt- and Galaxy- and Citra-hop-brewed golden ale is more nuanced than the sum of its parts.

The delicate, crisp texture and fine carbonation of this beverage, which was light in color and body with a little fruity and sweet perfume reminiscent of caramel, made it exceptionally pleasant.

  1. SweetWater Golden Summer Ale

ABV: 4.8% in Atlanta, Georgia

This golden ale is light and crisp, “like a macro beer or bodega beer, but pleasantly,” thanks to the aroma of water crackers and the strong carbonation.

  1. Edmund’s Oast Something Cold

ABV: 5% in Charleston, S.C.

This beer’s pale yellow hue, fluffy white head, and dry, ultimately forgettable finish all borrow characteristics from light lagers, as suggested by its name.

It’s jokingly referred to as their “Ultra-Deluxe Premium Blonde Ale” by Edmund’s Oast.

  1. Narragansett Fresh Catch

ABV: 4.2% Pawtucket, Rhode Island/Rochester, New York

 This golden ale, which has been dry-hopped with Citra hops, is not at all unique. One panelist compared the aroma to pound cake because of the clear honey color and mildly sweet aroma.

It’s the straightforward essence of beer: uncomplicated, good, and refreshing, as one person put it.

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  1. Monday Night I’m On A Boat Golden Ale

ABV: 4.8% in Atlanta, Georgia

Monday Night’s attempt at a golden ale provides lovely green scents, “like a fragrant weed,” one panelist remarked, and a fruity flavor that leaned slightly toward sweetness, even though the beer’s name is based on an old joke.

  1. Surly First Avenue +1

ABV: 5.1% Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

This Surly year-round beer flows gold with a dazzling white head and was created in association with Minneapolis’ storied First Avenue rock venue.

A faint hint of sweet citrus comes onto the palate, along with a sneaky fragrance of lemon cake. 

While some tasters thought the bitter end was inappropriate for the style, others thought it was delicious, like white grapefruit.

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  1. Victory Summer Love

ABV: 5.2% Downingtown, Pennsylvania

This summertime staple mixes the German heritage of Victory with an American palette.

Pilsner malts make this drink light and cracker, and noble and American hops give it a hint of citrus flavor.


More craft beer fans are gravitating toward more straightforward pleasures, thus golden ales, both new and old, are finding life everywhere from dive bars to posh brewpubs. 

In terms of flavour, these brightly coloured beverages fall somewhere in the middle, with a hint of sweetness and a squeeze of citrus that their bottom-fermented cousins may not share. They are light, approachable substitutes for regular lagers and hoppy IPAs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kona Big Wave

Where Does Kona’s Big Wave Originate?

On the Big Island of Hawaii, Kailua-Kona houses the flagship brewery of the Kona Brewing Company.

What Is The Caloric Content Of A Large Wave?

For a 12 oz. serving, a typical golden/blonde ale should have 107 calories and 2 grams of carbohydrates.

What Huge Wave Light Is Kona?

Big Wave is a delicate golden ale with a delicate fruitiness and hops scent. An elegant, simple-to-drink pleasant ale. 

This beer’s golden colour is a result of the gently roasted honey malt, which also adds a mild sweetn