Square Keg SquareOne Review: Is It Worth It?

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If you brew your own beer, or you enjoy drinking and serving craft beers at home, you know that one of the most important pieces of equipment is a good quality kegerator. But kegerators take up a lot of space, not to mention they can be very expensive.

The Square Keg SquareOne is the perfect solution! This compact, temperature-controlled keg has a variety of features that make it ideal for your kitchen or bar.

I’ve been using the SquareOne Mini Keg for a few months now, and I have to say that I am impressed with its performance. The beer tastes great, and it is very easy to use.

So let’s jump right into it.

What is the Square Keg?

The SquareOne Mini Keg is an innovative beer storage system that keeps beer and other beverages fresh for a long time. It is ideal for those who host parties, go on long trips, or need to store beverages in large quantities.

How Does the SquareOne Mini Keg Work?

The SquareOne Mini Keg works by using a unique design that allows for easy stacking, a pump for easy use, and carbon cartridges to keep the liquid sealed and fresh for a longer period of time.

To use the SquareOne Mini Keg, simply fill the keg with your desired beverage and screw on the top. Next, insert the pump and carbon cartridge into the top of the keg and attach the other end of the pump to the outlet. Then, pump the beverage out of the keg using the pump and enjoy a freshly-poured beverage.

The pressure of the pump helps to ensure the beverage stays fresh and carbonated for a longer period of time. The pumping mechanism also prevents the beverage from oxidizing by sealing off the liquid, which helps to keep the flavor and aroma of the beverage intact.

SquareOne Mini Keg Work Specs

The SquareOne Mini Keg has a capacity of 128 ounces and can store any type of beverage, such as craft beer, batched cocktails, kombucha, mocktails, red or white wine, and more. It uses 16-gram CO2 cartridges and nitrogen to keep the drink fresh for long periods of time.

The SquareOne Mini Keg is easy to use, with a built-in pump and carbon cartridge that seals off the liquid and preserves its freshness.

Because of its shape, it  will fit perfectly in any fridge. Additionally, its portability makes it ideal for taking to parties, boating, camping, tailgating, golfing, and more.

The SquareOne Keg is available in two editions: Mini and Nitro, which are priced at $299 and $399 respectively.

Pros of Square Keg SQUAREONE: What are the benefits of using SquareOne?

1. Convenient way to store and dispense beer and other beverages

The SquareOne Mini Keg is a convenient, compact and portable keg that can store up to 128 ounces of your favorite beverage. On top of that, the Nitro version is designed to preserve the natural goodness of nitro products.

The product features a space-saving design that fits in the majority of people’s fridges without requiring a reconfiguration of shelves. It also comes with a tap for easy access and dispensing.

2. Compact size

The compact size of the Square Keg is a major advantage when it comes to saving space in the kitchen or bar. Unlike traditional barrel kegs, Square Keg only requires a fraction of the space, making it perfect for those who may have limited space. The keg is also perfectly portable, allowing users to take it with them to parties, boats, or anywhere else.

Moreover, it can even be placed inside the refrigerator, taking up very little space. In comparison to traditional kegs, the Square Keg offers far more convenience and efficiency, offering up to 128 ounces of your favorite beverage.

3. Can be used for a variety of beverages, including beer, cocktails, and kombucha

Using Square Keg Mini, you can easily serve a variety of beverages to your guests: from traditional drinks like beer and cider, to non-alcoholic drinks like juices and soda. You can also serve a variety of spirits like vodka and whiskey, as well as mixed drinks like Long Island Iced Tea and Margarita.

With the Square Keg Nitro, you can fill the tank with nitro cold brew, nitro beer, and nitro craft cocktails

4. Easy to use and clean

The cleaning process is also an easy one. All you need to do is remove the lid, clean it with a non-abrasive sponge, rinse it with hot water and soap, and reassemble.

5. Lifetime warranty

The Square Keg offers a lifetime warranty on their kegs, which is a guarantee of the product’s quality and durability. This warranty ensures that if the product fails to perform as specified by the manufacturer, they will repair or replace it free of charge.

This warranty covers manufacturing defects and oversights, but does not cover damage caused by misuse or abuse of the product. The warranty is provided to the original purchaser of the keg and is non-transferable.

6. Temperature controlled storage, ensuring freshness

Temperature controlled storage helps ensure freshness when using Square Keg by using a carbon dioxide regulator to maintain the pressurized environment. This ensures that the beverage is not exposed to a fluctuating temperature, which could have a negative effect on its taste and freshness.

With the help of the Square Keg’s CO2 regulator, the beverage remains cold and refreshing while also maintaining its carbonation. This helps to preserve its taste and keep it fresh for extended periods of time.

7. Saves money in the long run

Using Square Keg helps save money in a few ways. Firstly, it is cheaper than buying beer by the keg, as it requires less CO2 and is easier to clean.

Secondly, it has a lifetime warranty, which helps to save on maintenance costs associated with tap systems. Lastly, it eliminates the need for buying multiple bottles or cans of a beverage, as it can hold up to 128 ounces at a time.

8. Greater flavor and aroma from kegs

Using a Square Keg to store and serve beer increases the flavor and aroma of the beer due to the fact that it keeps the beer tap fresh for extended periods of time. This allows the beer to stay carbonated and fresh, and it also helps the flavors to stay intact for longer, resulting in an enhanced flavor profile and aroma.

Additionally, the Square Keg’s design is air tight, which prevents air from oxidizing the beer, which can degrade the flavor.

9. Greater control over carbonation

Square Keg provides a great solution for carbonation control for both commercial and at-home use. The SquareOne Mini Keg is perfect for the latter, with a square shape that can easily stack in a refrigerator, a pump that is easy to use, and carbon cartridges to seal off and preserve the liquid’s freshness.

On the other hand, the SquareOne Nitro Edition is designed for commercial use and has a nitrogen (N2) cartridge to maintain the pressurized environment instead of carbon dioxide.

Both of these products are designed to help control the carbonation of drinks, making them a great option for anyone looking to keep their beverages at optimal temperature and flavor.

10. Ability to serve drinks from the keg at parties and other events

For example, you can use Square Keg to serve beer at a backyard barbecue. You can pour your favorite beer into the keg, place it in the refrigerator to keep it cold, and then set up the tap system onto the keg. Once the keg has chilled down, you can then serve the beer to your guests.

Cons of Square Keg SQUAREONE

The cons of using a Square Keg SQUAREONE include:

  1. The cartridges may be expensive to replace.
  2. The keg is not designed to store beverages for an extended period of time.
  3. The keg is not designed for large groups and may be too small for some gatherings.
  4. The keg is not dishwasher safe.
  5. The keg is not suitable for carbonating beverages.

How to use the Square Keg SQUAREONE

Step 1: You will need to purchase a SquareOne Mini Keg or a SquareOne Nitro Edition from the SquareKeg website or from Amazon.

Step 2: After you have purchased the product, make sure to read the instructions on how to properly set up and use the keg.

Step 3: Place the keg in an area where you will be able to access it easily, such as in the fridge or in a cool, dry place.

Step 4: Open the lid of the keg and fill it up with your desired beverage.

Step 5: Once you have filled the keg, close the lid securely, making sure it is tightly sealed.

Step 6: Insert the 16 gram CO2 cartridge or the nitrogen cartridge into the valve on the top of the keg. Tighten the nut to secure the cartridge and make sure that the valve is closed.

Step 7: Attach the pump to the top of the keg, making sure that it is firmly in place.

Step 8: Place the keg in the refrigerator and let the beverage chill overnight.

Step 9: When you are ready to serve the beverage, turn the valve on the top of the keg counterclockwise to open it.

Step 10: Pump the pump until the desired amount of beverage flows out of the spout.

Step 11: Once you are done serving the beverage, close off the valve to preserve the carbonation in the beverage.

Step 12: Refrigerate the keg again and enjoy your tap fresh beverage!

Alternatives to the Square Keg SQUAREONE

Not convinced yet? If you’re looking for an alternative to the SquareOne Mini Keg or Nitro Keg, you may want to consider these other solutions:

  1. Budget Option: A budget alternative to the Square Keg SQUAREONE is a traditional glass growler. These are relatively inexpensive and can be refilled with beer or other beverages. However, they don’t keep the beverages as fresh and won’t last as long.
  2. Premium Option: The most expensive alternative to the Square Keg SQUAREONE is a full-sized kegerator. These are large refrigerators designed to hold an entire keg of beer and keep it cold. They are much more expensive and take up more space, but they are a great way to keep beer cold and fresh for a longer period of time. Obviously, they are not portable.
  3. DIY Option: Another option is to turn a small fridge into a kegerator. You can do it by purchasing a mini fridge and all the necessary accessories to make a kegerator (here’s our step-by-step kegerator DIY guide). Make sure to buy one of the best mini fridges for kegerator conversion.

Compared to the alternatives above, the SQUAREONE and SK Nitro are the perfect solution at this price point. It is an affordable and compact option that is perfect for those who want the convenience of a keg without the hassle of a larger kegerator.

Square Keg SQUAREONE: Customer Reviews

Customers are overwhelmingly praising the Square Keg SQUAREONE for its high quality parts and ease of use. Many have found it to be a great addition to their bar or event and an excellent gift idea. Its versatility and ability to keep drinks cold and fizzy, even after 18 holes of golf, have been greatly appreciated.

Several customers have reported that they have seen others purchase their own Square Keg after seeing it in action, proving its popularity.

All in all, customers are pretty satisfied with their Square Kegs!

Square Keg SQUAREONE Pricing and Availability

The SquareOne Mini Keg is available on SquareKeg’s website and Amazon, with a price of $299 and the SquareOne Nitro Edition costs $349 (as of March 2023).

Both products are designed to keep drinks as fresh as possible using CO2 to maintain flavor and carbonation. The only difference between the two is the Nitro Edition uses a nitrogen (N2) cartridge to maintain the pressurized environment, which makes it more expensive.

On the SquareKeg’s website, a CO2 cartridge 12-pack sells for $24, while the Nitrogen cartridges are only sold as a 50-pack for $125.00.

Both products have a square, space-saving design perfect for a fridge shelf, trunk or BBQ tabletop and come with a user-friendly tap system and regulator.

Final Thoughts on the SquareOne Mini Kegs

The Square Keg SquareOne is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use, temperature-controlled keg. Its compact size makes it perfect for small spaces, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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What types of beverages can be served in the Square Keg SquareOne?

The Square Keg SquareOne is designed to store and serve a variety of beverages, including beer, cocktails, cold brew coffee, and other drinks. The SquareOne Mini Keg uses carbon dioxide to maintain flavor and carbonation, while the Nitro Edition uses nitrogen (N2) cartridges to maintain pressurized environment.

What is the cost of the Square Keg SquareOne?

The Square Keg SquareOne Mini Keg is available in two editions, Mini and Nitro, with prices of $299 and $349 respectively (as of March 2023). Compared to other beverage containment solutions for craft beer, this mini keg is offered at a competitive price. You can purchase the SquareOne Mini Keg from the company’s website and Amazon.

Is the Square Keg SquareOne suitable for a refrigerator?

Yes, the Square Keg SquareOne is suitable for a refrigerator. Its square shape helps it fit neatly on a refrigerator shelf without taking up too much space and its 128 ounce volume holds a twelve pack of beverages, making it a great space-saving solution. It also has a user-friendly tap system and regulator for easy dispensing, so you can enjoy cold, fresh drinks straight from the fridge.

What is the size of the Square Keg SquareOne?

Dimensions for the Square Keg SquareOne are as follows: 9.5″H x 5″W x 12″L.

Dimensions for the SquareOne Nitro, instead, are: 10.5″H x 5″W x 12″L with Faucet and Tap Handle

All in all, the SquareOne is much more space-efficient than traditional barrel kegs, as it is square-shaped and can be stacked and stored in a refrigerator shelf without taking up too much space.

Does the Square Keg SquareOne come with a regulator and faucet?

Yes, the Square Keg SquareOne does come with a regulator and faucet. The tap system and regulator are included for easy setup and use. For an added bonus, customers have the option to replace the stock faucet with a flow control faucet.

Does the Square Keg SquareOne come with a warranty?

Yes, the Square Keg SquareOne does come with a warranty. The SquareKeg website states that the SquareOne Kegs are covered by a one-year warranty from the original purchase date. The warranty covers any defects or failures of the product due to material or workmanship. It does not cover damage caused by misuse or improper care. The warranty does not cover any associated shipping costs.