The 11 Best Polish Beers

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Many Polish breweries aren’t globally known. That’s why many critics tend to criticize and underestimate Polish beers. Unfair right? 

In fact, several traditional beer brands originate from Poland. The rich history of Polish beer is less well-known but well-enjoyable. For almost 1,000 years, beer enthusiasts all around the globe have adored Polish beers, also called “piwo.”

So, to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best 11 Polish beers to try. These beers are economical and delicious, proving the quality of popular Polish beers.

Poland’s 11 Best Beers

1. Żywiec Białe

Several Polish breweries were captured and nationalized by the communist Polish’s People Republic government right after World War II. The economy reprised once the communism collapsed, leading to the rise of capitalism and enabling these breweries to thrive again. And now, the country houses several big and small breweries, including Grupa Żywiec, a Heineken affiliate. If you want to drink some Polish beer, Zywiec is the brand you should begin with. They started the brewery in 1856. 

Żywiec Białe and Zywiec Porter are currently sold in the US.. Białe is light and bright yellow and has 5.6 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). Porter is darker and has 9.5 percent ABV. It’s loved by the people of the United States for its refreshing, subtle spicy flavor. 

2. Ciechan Pszeniczne 

If you’re searching for a light, refreshing beer with low alcohol content, this may be the drink for you. This unfiltered German Hefeweizen-style beer is brewed using a traditional European recipe and processed by Poland’s most prominent brewers.

This crisp and frothy beer, made with top-quality fermenting yeast, includes a high level of CO2 and is recognizable by its pale yellow tint, which turns to light gold once adequately served. This pleasant combination with banana and clove flavors has a thick foam head and is an excellent introduction to Polish beer.

3. Okocim O.K. Beer

Okocim Brewery, founded in 1845 and has been in operation ever since, is now responsible for Okocim O.K. Beer’s production.

Known as “Polish pills,” this particular kind of beer is one of just a handful of Polish beers that separates itself from other European beer brands.

It’s smooth, with hints of malt and a subtle sweetness in the background. It is a pretty good pilsner beer to serve, and it has the added benefit of being one of the more economical beer selections.

‘O.K. is certainly more than okay,’ as their motto says, and they certainly deserve to be featured on the top polish piwo list.

4. Lech Premium 

To get the most out of Polish beers for the first time, we recommend starting with a light mix, and this lovely beer satisfies as light and pleasant beer. Developed by Lech Broway Wielkopolski, one of Poland’s most industrial brewers, this premium beer is known for being extraordinarily carbonated and, according to the brewery, is best enjoyed when served ice cold.

The beer should not be limited to warm weather consumption because of its rich aromas and delicate flavors, making it a beer that you should not miss. Beer lovers of all skill levels will enjoy this smooth and tasty beer, well-known for its bitter and floral overtones of hay and grass, and it is ideal for both beginner and expert drinkers.

5. Żubr Polish Lager

This beer is referred to as “bison.” Asahi Brewing Company of Japan oversees its production, which Kompania Piwowarska makes in Poland. Don’t get it mixed up with the Czech Zubr, which has the same name but is altogether an entirely different kind of brew.

This Polish bison beer has a 6.5% alcohol concentration, making it relatively strong and unquestionably a buffaloed beverage. It was first manufactured in 1768, and when the brewery reopened the following year, it was given a new name to distinguish it from its predecessor. 

6. Tyskie Gronie Lager

Since its debut in the beer market, this bohemian or macro lager has risen in popularity and has become a beloved beer not only in Poland but across the world.

This award-winning lager is widely recognized as one of the best beers on the market and a delightful example of how delicious Polish beers can be.

The bright and golden color of the beer sets it apart, and it has a distinct malt aroma and has subtle bitter undertones. Of all the Polish beers on this list, this one is likely the easiest to find since it is widely disseminated across Europe and sold in retail liquor stores throughout the United States.

7. Szałpiw Buba Extreme Jack Daniels BA

A boozy quadruple is aged in whiskey barrels that hold Jack Daniels. It makes your beer taste like whiskey. Plus, this is a commercially freeze-distilled beer with an ABV of 16%, which makes it more straightforward and more robust than other beers.

Four hundred eighty calories are in a 12 oz bottle of this stout. As strong as it is, it’s so sweet that you don’t even notice the alcohol. This time, instead of chocolate, you’ll get flavors like pralines and bourbon. Also, caramel, coconut, chocolate, and vanilla are what you get.

8. Perła Chmielowa

Perla Chmielowa has been around for a long time in the world of Polish beer, and they made this crisp beer in 1846. In addition to being light and crisp, this beer is well-known for its unique bitterness. It has a rich, malty smell and a golden color that looks good.

Since it has become more popular, this beer has been nominated for many awards and even won a bronze medal at the International Beer Challenge. Starting your Polish adventure with a taste of a well-known beer is the best way to start, and this crisp and complex mix is an excellent option.

9. Kozlak Amber

Kozlak is a dark, honeyed lager made the same way as a German Bock, a type of beer. This beer isn’t lovely, but it has a taste of honey and caramel on the tongue. It has an ABV of 6.5 percent. It’s a little cloudy, but the brewer used subsurface water sources to make sure it was clean. 

This beer takes a long time to brew and lasts for 210 days in the bottle. A new beer called Kozlak came out in 2003, but it’s not very old. It has a fruity smell that makes me think of raisins and plums. 

10. Kormoran Imperium Prunum

When evaluating Polish beer brands based on their authenticity and flavor, Kormoran Imperium Prunum is generally towards the top of the list. This black porter is trendy among locals and craft beer enthusiasts, who appreciate it for the high alcoholic content and the range of dark and fantastic flavors.

Kormoran, which is made from a dried plum known as the Suska Sechlonska, originates from Southern Poland. It has rich fragrances of coffee, chocolate, and cocoa. The entire beverage, according to the manufacturer, has a sweet, smoky flavor and promises beer lovers, a top-notch experience.

11. Pilsner Urquell

Poland and Czechoslovakia are near each other, and they have a lot in common, including their flavors and the beer manufacturing procedures. Even though Pilsner Urquell was made by the Czechs and is only sold in Plze, a city in the Czech Republic, it is often thought to be the best Polish beer.

It was first made in 1842, making it the world’s first pale lager. When making this beer, Noble and Saaz hops are used, and soft water is used in the process, making the beer taste better.

The Best Polish Beers: Final Thoughts

Our list of the best Polish beers will make you want to try some of them. Even though going to Poland and drinking the beer in its original place would be ideal, most people don’t have the time or money to do that. Fortunately, there are many places where you can find these beers easily as they’re becoming more common worldwide. 

If you want to try other European brews, check out the best Italian beers and the best English beers. Happy drinking!

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