The 11 Best Florida Beers

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Some of the best beers in the United States come from the Sunshine State. And some of the most popular beers in Florida are craft brews that incorporate classic styles, like stouts, IPAs, and lagers.

So if you haven’t tasted any of these best Florida beers, what are you waiting for? 

Florida’s 11 Best Beers

1. Funky Buddha’s Maple Bacon Coffee Porter 

Funky Buddha is an iconic brewery in the Sunshine State, and they make some of the best craft beers in Florida. Their Maple Bacon Coffee Porter is a classic example of how they’ve elevated the porter style by adding in a unique twist. 

With this classic blend, you’ll get many different notes, from maple syrup to bacon with a nice coffee finish. It’s rich without being too heavy and just downright delicious.  

2. Walking Tree’s Sandy Feet

Walking Tree’s Sandy Feet is a light, fruity wheat ale with mild hops that’s perfect for sipping on one of Florida’s many beautiful beaches. Its alcohol content is relatively high for a wheat beer; a full 6.4 percent ABV makes it as deceptively potent as delicious.

Walking Tree’s Sandy Feet also pairs well with some of Florida’s best southern cuisine and fish. Enjoy it with fresh crab legs, southern fried chicken, or even macaroni and cheese. 

3. Rapp Brewing Company’s OMG

Rapp Brewing Company’s OMG is more like a wine than a beer, and since its alcohol content is through the roof, you’ll want to sip it like one. This heady brew is 19.9 percent ABV. Enjoy OMG in a smaller beer glass, the type that you might use for your favorite Belgian brew.

OMG is a boozy dessert in a glass full of big, bold flavors. Expect to get fig, plum, raisin, and molasses in every sip. There’s also a deep chocolatey undertone. OMG is an excellent holiday beer that you can enjoy with family and friends. 

4. Funky Buddha’s Floridian

Funky Buddha certainly deserves two places on our list because this brewery produces some of the best Florida beers imaginable. Their signature offering, Floridian, does not disappoint. It’s a hefeweizen-style beer with a deep golden color and light hops. 

It’s not a stretch to say that Floridian is truly sunshine in a can, both in color and the bright way it tastes. It’s also a reasonable 5.2 ABV! 

5. Wynwood Brewing’s La Rubia

La Rubia translates to blonde in Spanish, which is precisely the style of this fantastic beer from Wynwood Brewing. La Rubia is a blonde ale. It’s incredibly drinkable, bright, and just slightly malty. Blonde ales combine the classic flavors of pilsners and lagers to form a style all of their own.

Wynwood Brewing’s blonde ale pairs perfectly with salads, fruit, and chicken dishes. Serve it at your next big barbeque, and you’re guaranteed to get a phenomenal response. 

6. Ocean Sun’s Conch Cruiser 

Ocean Sun’s Conch Cruiser is another classic hefeweizen that’s gentle on the palate and light. It’s got a beautiful pale yellow color and is the perfect beer to sip on while you’re cruising around the Gulf of Mexico on a fishing boat.

Expect toasty, bready notes in every sip. Conch Cruiser is the ideal light beer, and it won’t bog you down while you’re enjoying the hot Florida sun. 

7. Green Room Brewing’s Shaka Oatmeal Stout

Shaka Oatmeal Stout by Green Room Brewing is everything that this style of beer should be. It’s got a rich, jet-black body and a relatively low amount of carbonation for a dense, evenly distributed head. It’s a true pleasure to drink.

Shaka Oatmeal Stout is heavy on roasted malt and has a strong coffee and chocolate flavor. You’ll taste delicate sweetness at the finish. It’s not too cloying or overpowering; just the right amount of flavor. 

8. Swamp Head Brewery’s Wild Night

If you’re looking for a beer that’s heavy on the honey, you can’t get better than Swamp Head Brewery’s Wild Night. This beer uses local honey to produce a decadent cream ale that’s just about as much of a dessert as it is a fine beer. If you haven’t given cream ale a try, pick up a six-pack of Wild Night. You’ll see why it’s one of the best Florida beers.

Although Wild Night has a ton of flavor, it’s not overly sweet or overpowering. It’s a perfectly balanced beverage. 

9. Cigar City’s Florida Cracker 

Florida Cracker just might be the official beer of summer for Floridians. Cigar City really outdid themselves when they rolled out this hefeweizen-style beer. It’s hazy, golden, and packs a surprising spicy punch on the finish. 

You’ll get a lot of citrus, specifically lemon, lime, and orange. Florida Cracker is a beer designed to please just about any palate, and since it only has a 5.5 ABV, you can drink it on the hottest summer days.  

10. Devour Brewing’s Visual Chaos

Devour Brewing’s Visual Chaos is one of the top Florida IPA beers in the state. As you might expect from this style, it’s heavy on the hops, using Mandarina, 007, Azacca, CTZ, and Citra. This robust blend delivers plenty of bright, hoppy flavor that’s just a little bit citrusy.

Pair this beer with flavors that won’t compete with it, like burgers or spicy food. The bitterness from the hops will blend well with the spice and give you a truly gourmet experience. 

11. Big Storm’s Tropic Pressure

Finally, Big Storm’s Tropic Pressure created the excellent ale with their Tropic Pressure. It’s packed full of big tropical flavors like hibiscus, mango, and pineapple. You’ll also get a spicy kick, thanks to a generous dose of cinnamon. It’s a bold, beachy beer that is super juicy and was made for summertime.

If you like fruity ales that aren’t too sweet or artificial-tasting, give Tropic Pressure a try. You might just find that you’ve discovered your new favorite beer.


These top eleven best Florida beers show the ingenuity and skill of the Sunshine State’s best brewers. So whether you enjoy craft, classics, or IPA beers, make sure that you pick up a six-pack for your next beach day or holiday.  

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