The Best Breweries In North Carolina: Top 10

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North Carolina has emerged as a prominent player in the craft beer scene, boasting a thriving brewery culture that attracts beer enthusiasts from all over the country. With a rich history and a dedication to quality and innovation, North Carolina’s breweries offer a diverse range of flavors and experiences. 

In this article, we have carefully researched and curated a list of the top 10 breweries in North Carolina, showcasing both well-established favorites and up-and-coming gems.

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One interesting finding is that one of the breweries in this list has been named the Best Brewery in the United States multiple times, solidifying its reputation as a standout in the industry.

Here are the top 10 breweries in North Carolina:

  1. Wicked Weed Brewing – Asheville
  2. Foothills Brewing – Winston-Salem
  3. Red Clay Ciderworks – Charlotte
  4. Birdsong Brewing Co. – Charlotte
  5. NoDa Brewing Company – Charlotte
  6. White Street Brewing Co. – Wake Forest
  7. Green Man Brewery – Asheville
  8. Blue Ridge Brewery – Boone
  9. Magnolia Brewing Company – Raleigh
  10. Front Street Brewery

Top 10 Breweries In North Carolina

1. Wicked Weed Brewing

Wicked Weed Brewing, based in Asheville, North Carolina, has garnered a loyal following for its innovative and flavorful beers. Known for pushing the boundaries of brewing, they specialize in hop-forward ales, sours, and barrel-aged beers. 

Wicked Weed Brewing has received numerous awards for its creations, including its acclaimed Pernicious IPA and Funkatorium series. Visitors can enjoy brewery tours and tastings, immersing themselves in the world of Wicked Weed’s unique brewing techniques.

Image Source: Wicked Weed

2. Foothills Brewing

Foothills Brewing is a craft brewery located in Winston-Salem, NC. Founded by brothers David and Stephen Fenton in 2006, Foothills Brewing has since become one of the state’s leading brewers, with a wide variety of beers available year-round. Featuring an inviting atmosphere and knowledgeable staff, Foothills Brewing is the perfect place to enjoy quality craft beer.

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Image Source: Foothills Brewing

3. Red Clay Ciderworks 

Red Clay Ciderworks is a craft cidery located in Charlotte, NC. Founded by husband and wife team Lief and Taylor Anderson in 2014, the cidery focuses on producing small-batch hard ciders with local fruits. 

Red Clay Ciderworks specializes in creating unique and complex flavors, making it one of North Carolina’s premier craft cideries.

Image Source: Red Clay Ciderworks

4. Birdsong Brewing Co. – Charlotte, NC

Birdsong Brewing Co. is a craft brewery located in Charlotte, NC. Founded by brothers Brian and Justin Anderson in 2014, the brewery focuses on producing high-quality craft beers using traditional and innovative brewing techniques. With a rotating selection of beers available on tap, Birdsong Brewing Co. is a great place to enjoy quality craft beer.

Image Source: Birdsong Brewing Co.

5. NoDa Brewing Company – Charlotte, NC

NoDa Brewing Company is a craft brewery located in Charlotte, NC. Founded by brothers Todd and Suzie Ford in 2011, the brewery focuses on producing high-quality ales and lagers using traditional brewing techniques. 

With several core beers available year-round, as well as a rotating selection of seasonal beers, NoDa Brewing Company offers something for everyone.

Image Source: NoDa Brewing Company

6. White Street Brewing Co.

White Street Brewing Co. is a Wake Forest, NC staple for craft beer lovers. Since 2011, Craig and Julia Nunn have been providing locals with an impressive selection of ales and lagers, keeping their customers satisfied by having something for everyone. 

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They’re well-known for their rotating selection of specialty beers that rotate throughout the year. In addition to their delicious brews, White Street also offers an inviting atmosphere to enjoy them.

Image Source: White Street Brewing Co.

7. Green Man Brewery 

Green Man Brewery is a craft beer destination for Asheville, NC locals and visitors alike. This well-loved brewery was founded in 1997 by Dennis Thies and Jack Stuart, who has since created a variety of delicious ales, lagers, stouts, and porters to tantalize your taste buds. With an inviting atmosphere and knowledgeable staff, Green Man Brewery is the perfect place to enjoy excellent craft beer.

Image Source: Green Man Brewery

8. Blue Ridge Brewery

Blue Ridge Brewery is a craft brewery located in Boone, NC. Founded in 2002 by brothers Joe and Todd Rasmussen, the brewery has since become one of the region’s most popular destinations for beer lovers. 

Offering a variety of delicious beers including their flagship brew, Blue Ridge Brewery is a great place to enjoy a quality craft beer.

Image Source: Blue Ridge Brewery

9. Magnolia Brewing Company

Magnolia Brewing Company is a craft brewery located in Raleigh, NC. Founded by husband-and-wife team Eric and Greg Williams in 2011, the brewery focuses on creating quality ales and lagers using traditional techniques. 

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With a variety of core beers always available, as well as seasonal specialty beers, Magnolia Brewing Company offers something for everyone to enjoy. The brewery also has an inviting atmosphere with ample seating and a great view of Raleigh.

Image Source: Magnolia Brewing Company

10. Front Street Brewery

Front Street Brewery is located in Wilmington, NC, and is a must for craft beer lovers. Founded in 1995 by Tim Willey and Tom Harvey, the brewery has become a local favorite with its ever-changing selection of ales, lagers, and stouts. 

Front Street offers an extensive range of unique beers that are sure to please all palates. Whether you’re looking for something light and refreshing, or something hearty and flavorful, Front Street has you covered.

Image Source: Front Street Brewery

Brewery Tours And Tastings In North Carolina, US

  1. Brasstown Bald Brewery – Brasstown

The brewery offers engaging brewery tours and tastings, taking place every Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm and Sunday from noon to 3 pm. For a fee of $15 per person, visitors can enjoy a guided tour, receive a souvenir glass, and savor four tasting pours. 

Throughout the year, the brewery hosts special events, including food trucks, live music, and unique beer releases, adding an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

  1. Foothills Brewing – Winston-Salem

The brewery offers brewery tours and tastings that are sure to be a hit with beer enthusiasts. Tours are held every Tuesday through Saturday from 3 pm-8 pm and Sundays from noon-6 pm and cost $15 per person, which includes a souvenir glass and four tasting pours. 

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North Carolina is home to some of the best breweries in the country. From Magnolia Brewing Company and Front Street Brewery in Raleigh to Brasstown Bald Brewery and Foothills Brewing in Winston-Salem, and Heist Brewery in Charlotte, there is something for every beer lover. 

Whether you’re looking for a brewery tour or just want to sample some of the best beers around, you’re sure to find it in North Carolina. So grab a pint and enjoy!