The Best Breweries In Jacksonville Florida: Top 10

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If you’re looking for a sunny destination with a vibrant craft beer scene, look no further than Jacksonville, Florida. This coastal city is the largest in the Sunshine State and the leader in Florida’s craft brewery scene. With dozens of award-winning brews and unique flavors, Jacksonville’s breweries are worth exploring for any beer lover.

In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of the best breweries in Jacksonville based on our extensive research and personal experience. We’ve sampled their beers, visited their taprooms, and read their online reviews to create our top 10 list. Whether you’re into IPAs, brown ales, or experimental brews, you’ll find something to suit your taste buds in Jacksonville.

One of the breweries that made it to our list is Bold City Brewery, the first locally-owned brewery in Jacksonville. Founded by a mother and son duo, this brewery is named after Jacksonville’s nickname: the Bold City. They’re known for their quality craft beer, delicious brunch, and community involvement. Another brewery that impressed us is Aardwolf Brewing Company, located in the historic San Marco neighborhood. This brewery combines old-world charm with modern innovation, producing small-batch handcrafted ales and unique experimental brews.

These are just two examples of the amazing breweries that Jacksonville has to offer. To find out the rest of our top 10 list, keep reading and discover why Jacksonville is a craft beer lover’s paradise.

Here are the top 10 breweries in Jacksonville, Florida:

  1. Wicked Barley Brewing
  2. Intuition Ale Works
  3. Aardwolf Brewing Company
  4. Bold City Brewery
  5. Engine 15 Brewing Co.
  6. Strings Sports Brewery
  7. Veterans United Craft Brewery
  8. Seven Bridges Grille And Brewery
  9. Green Room Brewing
  10. King Maker Brewing

The Top 10 Breweries in Jacksonville, Florida

1. Wicked Barley Brewing

With its beautiful views overlooking Goodby’s Creek, Wicked Barley Brewing provides a unique brewpub experience featuring an extensive selection of beers, ciders, and meads to suit any palate and a diverse menu. Guests can also take advantage of the large outdoor space.

The brewery has a 20-barrel brewhouse which allows them to craft a wide selection of beers, such as IPAs, stouts, and porters. Among these are the Jax IPA, the Moscow Mule Ginger Beer, and the Florida Thunder Stout, favorites of those who visit.

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At the Best Florida Beer competition, Wicked Barley received a gold medal for their Hefe-Weizen, one of many awards bestowed upon them. Other prestigious acknowledgments include wins at the Great American Craft Beer Festival and Tampa Bay Brewing Awards.


2. Intuition Ale Works

Intuition Ale Works, founded in 2010, boasts a vast brewing facility in the heart of Jacksonville. Established over 10 years ago, this brewery has been supplying locals with quality craft beer since its inception.

The brewery boasts an impressive selection of IPAs, stouts, sours, and beyond, as well as a food truck and rooftop bar. The People’s Pale Ale, Jon Boat Coastal Ale, and King Street Stout are unique beers to sample during your visit.

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At the Great American Beer Festival, People’s Pale Ale from the brewery was awarded a gold medal for its excellence. The brewery has garnered additional acclaim through other awards, cementing its status as one of the most successful in the industry.

3. Aardwolf Brewing Company

Aardwolf Brewing Company is in a beautiful historic building in Jacksonville’s San Marco neighborhood. This brewery has become an integral part of the area since it opened.

Parched beer connoisseurs should try this brewery’s unique and handcrafted ales – amongst which the White Russian Imperial Stout, El Mariachi Mexican Lager, and Batch 300 Belgian Strong Ale are some notable selections. These experimental brews are produced in small batches to ensure quality.

At the Best Florida Beer competition, the brewery won a gold medal for its Belgian-Style Dubbel, among other awards. This speaks to their commitment to quality, having been recognized by industry peers for excellence in crafting.

4. Bold City Brewery

Jacksonville’s Bold City Brewery, founded in 2008, is committed to its local brewery community. Boasting quality craft beer and serving up delicious brunch fare, it is the city’s first locally-owned brewery and has become renowned for the excellence of its products.

The Mad Manatee IPA, Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale, and Killer Whale Cream Ale are renowned beers worth sampling. These beers are packed with amazing flavors from expert brewing processes, so beer enthusiasts should try them.

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The Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale from this brewery has won recognition as a gold medal at the Best Florida Beer competition. Numerous other awards have also been bestowed on this brewery for its accomplishments.

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5. Engine 15 Brewing Co.

Engine 15 Brewing Co. features two convenient locations; one in downtown Jacksonville and the other at the beach. Providing a friendly atmosphere, customers can enjoy a variety of beers, food, and even games!

Nut Sack Imperial Stout, Old Battle Axe IPA, and J’ville Lager are some notable types to try using their well-crafted beers using their well-crafted beers. All of which are brewed to perfection.

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The brewery claimed a gold medal for their Old Battle Axe IPA at the Best Florida Beer competition. This is just one of many awards the brewery has earned – showcasing the quality of the brewing talent in this establishment.

6. Strings Sports Brewery

Strings Sports Brewery is a sports-themed brewery with a large taproom, a full kitchen, and various beers inspired by sports legends.

The brewery’s 10-barrel brewing system produces beers like IPAs, sours, and fruit. Top favorites include Babe’s Brew American Wheat, Ozzie’s No Place Like Home Pale Ale and Ferg’s Stout.

The Ozzie’s No Place Like Home Pale Ale, brewed by the brewery, has been awarded a gold medal at the Best Florida Beer competition. The brewery has also earned many accolades as recognition for its beers.

7. Veterans United Craft Brewery

At Veterans United Craft Brewery, their patriotic atmosphere and devotion to local ingredients are exemplified in the beers they offer. There’s also a dog-friendly taproom where guests can come and relax. Ownership of this craft brewery is proudly veteran-owned.

Paramount among the array of beers brewed by The Scout Dog Brewery is the Raging Blonde Ale, which has won a gold medal, and Hop Banshee IPA. Not to be overlooked is their Scout Dog 44 Amber Ale, which has also been recognized for its excellence with awards.

8. Seven Bridges Grille And Brewery

Situated by a scenic river, Seven Bridges Grille and Brewery offer guests an unforgettable experience. The restaurant’s menu features classic American dishes, while the brewery creates distinctive house beers.

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The Bridge Brew IPA, Patriot’s Pale Ale, and Redfish Ale are some of the outstanding beers from this brewery that have won awards, such as a gold medal at the Best Florida Beer competition for their Patriot’s Pale Ale. All these beers are worth a tasting.

9. Green Room Brewing

Jacksonville Beach’s first microbrewery, Green Room Brewing, provides great craft beer with an easy-going vibe.

The brewery has a 7-barrel brewing system and produces a range of beers, including IPAs, sours, and stouts. Some notable beers include the Head High IPA, the Pablo Beach Pale Ale, and the Count Shakula Imperial Stout.

The Count Shakula Imperial Stout, produced by this brewery, was awarded a gold medal at the Best Florida Beer competition. Additionally, this brewery has been successful in receiving numerous awards in recognition of its products and services.

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10. King Maker Brewing

Live music, a rotating beer menu, and a cozy taproom are some of the features that make King Maker Brewing in downtown Jacksonville so unique. This newly opened brewery offers patrons to experience an enjoyable evening with delicious craft beer and entertainment.

With its 3-barrel brewing system, the brewery offers beers such as Imperial Stout, Hazy IPA, and Sour Ale. Their craft beer portfolio suits all preferences, from IPAs to stouts to sours. Visitors should try some of their specialties.

At the Best Florida Beer Competition, King Maker Brewing demonstrated its brewing prowess by winning a gold medal for its Hazy IPA, amongst other awards they have already garnered since its inception.

Brewery Tours And Tastings In Jacksonville Florida

If you’re a beer lover, you’ll want to check out some of Jacksonville’s best brewery tours and tastings. You can learn about the brewing process, sample different styles and flavors of beer, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the local craft beer scene. Here are some of the options you can choose from:

Jax Urban Core Brewery Tour

This tour takes you to five of the most unique and different breweries and tap rooms in Jacksonville’s urban core. You can purchase drinks at each stop and enjoy them on the tuk-tuk. The tour lasts for three hours and costs $84.19 per person.

Bold City Brewery

This is the first locally-owned brewery in Jacksonville, known for its quality Jacksonville craft beer scene and delicious brunch. You can take a free brewery tour on Saturdays at 2 or 4 pm and get a complimentary pint glass. You can also try their flagship beers, such as Killer Whale and 1901.

Aardwolf Brewing Company

This brewery is located in a historic building, producing small-batch handcrafted ales and unique experimental brews. You can take a self-guided tour of the brewery anytime during its opening hours or join a guided tour on Saturdays at 3 pm for $10 per person, which includes a tasting flight and a souvenir glass.

Green Room Brewing

This is Jacksonville Beach’s first microbrewery, offering great quality budding craft beer scene, delicious beer, and a laid-back atmosphere. You can take a free brewery tour on Saturdays at 1 pm or 3 pm and sample their core beers on tap or in cans.


Jacksonville, Florida, has a thriving craft beer scene with numerous breweries that offer a wide range of unique and high-quality brews. From the classic styles to the experimental flavors, there’s something for every beer lover to enjoy.

The top 10 breweries in Jacksonville offer an impressive selection of beers, a welcoming atmosphere, and top-notch customer service. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you can’t go wrong with a visit to any of these establishments.

So, the next time you find yourself in Jacksonville, check out some fantastic breweries and experience the city’s vibrant beer culture. Cheers!