The Best Breweries In Anaheim:Top 10

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Craft beer has become a booming industry across the United States, and Southern California is no exception. With many local breweries producing unique and delicious beers, the region has become a must-visit destination for beer enthusiasts. In particular, Anaheim is home to some of the best breweries in the area, each offering its distinct flavor and style.

In this article, we’ve researched and compiled a list of the top 10 breweries in Anaheim that every beer lover should check out. As a language model, we don’t have direct expertise in craft beer enthusiasts. Still, we’ve utilized our vast knowledge resources to gather information from reliable sources, including customer reviews and industry experts’ opinions, to provide the most comprehensive and accurate information possible.

One interesting finding is that some of the breweries on our list, such as Bottle Logic Brewing and Noble Ale Works, have won multiple awards for their tasty beers at prestigious beer competitions like the Great American Beer Festival. So without further ado, let’s dive into the best breweries in Anaheim and discover what makes each one stand out.

Here are the top 10 breweries in Anaheim:

  1. Brewery X
  2. Paragon Brewing
  3. Honey Pot Meadery
  4. The Bruery
  5. Phantom Ales
  6. Unsung Brewing Company
  7. Radiant Beer Co.
  8. Legends Craft Brewery
  9. Backstreet Brewery
  10. Bruery Terreux Tasting Room

The Top 10 Breweries In Anaheim

1. Brewery X

Brewery x; Angel Stadium hosts a brewery founded by an innovative team of brewers. This expansive space offers a great selection of beer and food and hosts different events and festivals throughout the year.

Paragon Brewing has become notable for its lagers and hard seltzers, and its endorsement of the blue lives matter cause.

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2. Honey Pot Meadery

In 2010, a friend introduced the founders of this meadery to mead, and thus began their passion. With the help of Golden Coast Mead in Oceanside, they decided to turn it into a business and started producing their mead in 2016.

On the La Palma Beer Trail in 2017, they opened a tasting room next to All-American Aleworks showcasing their meads, ciders, wines, and beers. They won Best in Show at the 2017 Orpheus Mead Festival for their Orange in the Rye mead. The Bruery

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Honey pot brewery was founded in 2008 by Patrick Rue, who was inspired by his homebrewing hobby and his love for Belgian beers. He named the brewery after his family name, with a twist. The Bruery is known for its creative and experimental beers, often featuring unusual ingredients and flavors, such as bakery-style fruit, complex-funky-hoppy-jammy, and barrel-aged beers. They have a cozy indoor area and a spacious outdoor patio, where they offer flights and bottles of their beers. They also have a sister brand called Bruery Terreux, which focuses on sour and wild beers.

3. Phantom Ales

Phantom Ales brewery was established in 2012 by Ross Stewart and John Carpenter, both avid homebrewers and beer enthusiasts. They wanted to create a place where they could share their passion for great beer and cider with others and offer homebrew supplies and classes.

They have a charming, rustic tasting room serving craft beers, ciders, wine, and mead. Also, have a kitchen that offers tasty pub food, such as burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

4. Unsung Brewing Company

Mike Crea, whose childhood love for comic books and superheroes inspired him to open a brewery, was the founder of this operation. Established in 2016, the goal of this brewery was two-fold: Unsung Brewing company sought to commemorate and celebrate everyday heroes such as nurses, teachers, soldiers, and firefighters.

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Greensboro Beer Co offers a range of approachable, balanced beers that are also flavorful and complex. For beer enthusiasts who love hoppy, malty, or sour brews, their rotating food truck schedule and superhero-themed taproom (filled with comic book art and memorabilia) make for an exciting experience.

5. Radiant Beer Co.

Andrew Bell, Cambria Griffith, and Jonas Nemura, with over a decade of experience in the craft beer industry, launched this brewery in 2020. The trio has worked at The Bruery, Bottle Logic Brewing, and Chapman Crafted Beer.

At Redwood Canopy Craft, their goal is to build a brewery focused on quality, innovation, community, and hospitality. Every month they create new brews featuring diverse flavors and styles. In addition, Radiant beer co. a food truck adds to the community atmosphere at their facility.

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6. Legends Craft Brewery

Jay Talley and John Oakes, both beer and sports enthusiasts, opened this brewery in 2014 with a common ambition: to craft beers that appeal to all tastes and create a warm and inviting space. Offering an extensive range of drinks for varying occasions was the main focus behind their passion projects.

The selection of beers at Legends craft brewery establishment varies, ranging from light lagers to dark stouts. For those looking for a unique outdoor experience, they offer a large outdoor area with games and live music.

7. Bruery Terreux Tasting Room

The Bruery Terreux, the sister brand of The Bruery, established in 2015, is showcased in its tasting room. This distinct brand exclusively offers sour and wild beers.

A view of barrels and folders used for aging the beer is among the features customers can observe in the tasting room. The walls are constructed with reclaimed wood, and a patio allows visitors to bask in the sunshine while enjoying their purchased beverage.

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The Bruery Terreux’s tasting room offers beers with unexpected elements, such as tart, fruity, and barrel-aged flavors. There are 24 different taps in the tasting room, and snacks and merchandise items are for sale.

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8. Towne Park Brew

Founding Paragraph in 2017, Brett Lawrence opened his brewery with an aspiration to celebrate Orange County’s culture, history, and spirit of exploration. The legacy of entrepreneurship drove his desire, and community involvement was fostered within his family.

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From crisp pilsners to hoppy IPAs, his range of beers is brewed with quality ingredients and local water, making his taproom all the more lively. The venue provides a great indoor space and an outdoor beer garden and regularly hosts food trucks, live music events, and much more.

Brewery Tours And Tastings In Anaheim

If you are a beer lover, you will not miss the opportunity to explore Anaheim’s thriving craft beer scene. There are many breweries, each with its unique style and flavor. Here are some of the best brewery tours and tastings in Anaheim:

Best Coast Tours

This tour company offers a 4.5-hour evening tour of three breweries on the La Palma Beer Trail, which includes Brewery X, Honey Pot Meadery, and The Bruery. You can sample various beers, learn about brewing, and enjoy complimentary snacks and water. The tour includes pickup and drop-off from your local Orange County hotel or custom location. The tour costs $125 per person and runs on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 6:30 p.m.

Craft Brew Tours

This tour company offers a 5-hour tour of four breweries in Anaheim and Placentia, which includes Legends Craft Brewery, Backstreet Brewery, Bottle Logic Brewing, and Bruery Terreux. You will get to taste 16 different beers, enjoy a pizza lunch and receive a souvenir glass. The tour includes pickup and drop-off from your Anaheim hotel or custom location. The tour costs $99 per person and runs on Saturdays at 11:30 a.m.

SoCal Brew Bus

Depending on availability, this tour company offers a 6-hour tour of four breweries in Orange County, which may include some of the Anaheim breweries. You will taste 12 beers, enjoy a catered lunch and receive a souvenir pint glass in the indoor and outdoor seating.

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The tour includes pickup and drop-off from your Los Angeles or Orange County hotel or custom location. The tour costs $109 per person and runs on Saturdays at 11:00 a.m.


Anaheim is a hidden gem for beer enthusiasts, offering a vibrant and diverse craft brewery scene that caters to all tastes and preferences. Throughout this exploration of the top 10 breweries in Anaheim, we have uncovered a wealth of unique flavors, exceptional craftsmanship, and inviting atmospheres.

From the award-winning creations at Bottle Logic Brewing to the experimental and inventive beers of Unsung Brewing Company, each brewery brings its distinct personality and signature brews to the table. Whether you’re a hophead searching for that perfect IPA or a fan of sour ales and stouts, a brewery in Anaheim will undoubtedly cater to your palate.

Moreover, their commitment to the community and shared passion for quality craft beer sets Anaheim’s breweries apart. The warmth and friendliness the brewery staff and fellow patrons exuded created an inviting and inclusive environment that enhanced the overall experience.

In addition to the exceptional beer offerings, many craft breweries boast beautiful taprooms and outdoor spaces, providing the perfect backdrop for socializing, relaxation, and fostering new connections. The welcoming ambiance, combined with the often available delectable food options, ensures that visiting any of these top 10 breweries in Anaheim will be memorable.