The 10 Best Beers For Italian Food

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Italy has been demonstrating to the globe over the past few decades that its passion for flavor, emphasizing the use of local products, applies to beer.

The top Italian beers will persuade you that Italy is about more than simply fine cuisine and wine.

Did you know that beer has a higher nutritional value than wine and is even more compared to food? By the time you finish reading this, you might be replacing your wine glass with a beer mug.

  1. Peroni Nastro Azzurro
  2. Cortigiana
  3. Birra Moretti L’Autentica
  4. Menabrea Birra Bionda
  5. Peroni Gran Riserva Bianca
  6. Forst Premium Lager
  7. Quarta Runa
  8. Birra del Borgo Reale
  9. Ichnusa Cruda
  10. Moretti La Rossa

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Why You Need Beer For Italian Food

Beer is an important part of Italian cuisine.

  • Beer brings out the flavor of the food.
  • Beer helps to cleanse your palate in between bites.
  • Beer is refreshing and helps to cut through the richness of the dishes.
  • Beer is a social beverage, so it’s perfect for sharing with friends and family while enjoying a meal.

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Best Beer For Italian Food

  1. Peroni Nastro Azzurro

The unique component of the beer is the Nostrano maize, which only grows in Italian soil.

The Nastro Azzurro’s dry but highly aromatic feature is due to the Nostrano maize.

The golden hue of this Italian beer is comparable to Prosecco. It has citrus aromas that are crisply offset by subtle bitterness undertones.

Its well-balanced bitterness makes it a refreshing beer that goes well with red meats and pasta dishes alike.

  1. Cortigiana

In addition to the customary barley malt and hops, other cereals like buckwheat, einkorn, and oat flakes are used in the brewing process. This Italian beer also has a lot of spicinesses.

Golden ale with a smooth texture and a medium body is the end product. Ginger, orange peel, coriander, and vanilla essence are the main flavors, with traces of cinnamon and vanilla.

  1. Birra Moretti L’Autentica

Its brew is prepared from malted barley, maize, and hops, and after it is brewed, the beer turns golden.

It has a balanced flavor with light hops bitterness and fruity undertones that make you feel upbeat and renewed.

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  1. Menabrea Birra Bionda

For its sophisticated flavor, the Menabrea Bionda Lager is well known. Citrus, fruity, and flowery aromas are combined, and a faint bitterness helps to balance this richness.

This Italian beer is sealed with a tenacious head after you pour it into your mug. All of this is made possible by the better brewing method and raw components used in this beer.

  1. Peroni Gran Riserva Bianca

The Prisma barley malt is a unique component of this Italian beer. It is renowned for producing a small amount of malt, and all of the malt used in the brew is cultivated in Italy.

This copper-colored beer contains toasted malt, caramel, cereal, and a hint of spice in the flavor.

  1. Forst Premium Lager

This premium lager has a good blend of malt and hops. It has a delicate lemon and grain flavor without being overbearing is light and crisp and has a distinct fragrance.

Overall, it is adaptable and simple to match with any item. It is a perfectly refreshing way to cap off a long, hot day because of its lightness and the correct amount of carbonation.

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  1. Quarta Runa

is specifically brewed with Volpedo-grown baked peaches from the surrounding area.

You get a delicious taste of additional hints of baked fruits and spices in addition to its peach flavor notes.

Fruit pie, camembert cheese, and fig preserve go well with this thirst-quenching smooth lager.

  1. Birra del Borgo Reale

Birra del Borgo’s flagship beer, Reale is a well-balanced amber ale with notes of caramel and citrus. It’s a great choice for dishes like grilled chicken or sausage.

  1. Ichnusa Cruda

Ichnusa’s Cruda is an unfiltered, unpasteurized lager that’s straw-colored and light-bodied. It’s a good choice for seafood dishes or anything with a lot of herbs.

  1. Moretti La Rossa

A darker beer, Moretti La Rossa has a malty flavor and a fuller body. It goes well with heartier dishes like pasta, Bolognese, and pizza.

Frequently Asked Question

What Kind Of Beer Is The Most Popular In Italy?

The most popular beer in Italy is Peroni. Even among the other popular Italian beer brands, both commercial and artisanal, this is true.

The Nastro Azzurro is the most well-liked beer in the Peroni portfolio. With its high alcohol level and flavorful flavors, it appeals to the locals just right.

What Kind Of Beer Is Popular In Italy?

Italians have consistently preferred lager throughout the history of beer up until the present. Even more so, Italians adore fruity lagers. Fruity lagers are favored not only for their flavor but also for their strength.

The popularity of other beer styles from various breweries increased as a result of the Italians’ increasing ingenuity. Golden ale, IPA, stout, and IGA are among the other popular Italian beers.