10 Beers Like Fat Tire

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Although some of us frequently forget style characteristics or homebrewing recipes that we have been learning for more than ten years, the world of craft beer is no different.

After spending a lot of time learning about beer, you begin to appreciate the vast array of beverages that it covers.

However, if you’re just getting started, take a look at these 10 beers that are similar to Fat Tire to get a sense of the variety of flavours that are out there.

  1. 2ᵒ Below
  2. Alaskan Amber Alt-Style Beer
  3. Gaelic Ale
  4. Bell’s Amber Ale
  5. Marble Red Ale
  6. Great Lakes Brewing Co. Edmund Fitzgerald
  7. Palm Amber
  8. Tröegs Brewery Red Ale
  9. Blue Point Toasted Lager
  10. Black Butte

What Is Fat Tire And Why Do People Like It

Fat Tire’s power stems from the way it strikes a balance between malt and Nugget hops flavors to produce biscuit flavors.

Fat Tire Amber Ale has a flavor that can best be described as mildly sweet with little to no harshness. The mouthfeel has a little malt fattiness that gives the brew some much-needed energy and body. Red apple flavors that are unpleasant at first emerge but disappear as the beer warms.

Beers Similar To Fat Tire

  1. 2ᵒ Below

A flowery, spicy ale made with tawny-roasted Munich, caramel sweetness, and C-80 malts are just what we’re looking for in an excellent winter warmer.

Below has a gorgeous copper color, bright hoppy aromas, and a pleasant cherry afterglow. It has a surprising full-bodied mouthfeel.

This is a fantastic alternative and a festive ale because the malt characteristics are similar to those in Fat Tire.

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  1. Alaskan Amber Alt-Style Beer

Ale in the style of Alaskan Amber. The word “alt” is taken from the German word for “old,” and it refers to the aging procedure that resulted in this Alaskan Amber beer after a good, leisurely fermentation phase.

Rich and malty flavors are carefully matched with hop varietals from Europe and the Pacific Northwest to produce a smooth, amber-coloured alt-style amber beer.

  1. Gaelic Ale

Gaelic Ale was created at Highland Brewing in Asheville, North Carolina, and has held the title of Best All-Round Beer in Western North Carolina since 2015. With a thick malty richness and a deep amber pour, it’s simple to understand why.

Cascade hops produce a rich scent with a little bitterness.

  1. Bell’s Amber Ale

Similar to Fat Tire, it has great toasted aromas and maltiness, but it’s sweetened with caramel.

  1. Marble Red Ale

Despite being a red ale, Marble Red Ale is surprisingly light and smooth and has that signature toasty warmth.

Remember to keep an eye out for citric, herbaceous, and malty scents when searching for beers like Fat Tire to achieve that amber ale quality that will make you grin.

  1. Great Lakes Brewing Co. Edmund Fitzgerald

This is a classic American porter; it’s toasty, dry, and has hints of bittersweet dark chocolate throughout. There is also a very slight piney hop flavour, which is entirely at the level of flavours that most beer novices would consider “hoppy.” 

It’s a very drinkable porter that complements both bar fare (chicken wings, burgers), as well as dessert (vanilla ice cream! ), thanks to a faint hint of leftover sweetness that makes it easier to drink.

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  1. Palm Amber

Since the creators of Fat Tire are known to enjoy Belgian beer, it’s possible that the toasted malt flavours of Palm Amber served as some of their inspiration.

A lovely golden amber pour is produced by the combination of the butterscotch, allspice, and even clove scents that this ale also has.

  1. Tröegs Brewery Red Ale

The Tröegs Brewery offers thousands of other exceptional flavours of Scratch Beers in addition to several well-liked crowd-pleasers.

Their Red Ale is a scratch beer that has tastes that are robust, sweet, and malty. A complex and wholly distinctive combination of Munich, pale, and caramel malts along with delicate roasted barley notes create this maltiness.

  1. Blue Point Toasted Lager

Blue Point Toasted Lager goes well with a hot barbecue or a day at the beach.

Regardless of flavour, this lager is simpler to acquire in supermarkets than Fat Tire, making it a great alternative if you need to get to the party quickly.

  1. Black Butte

Porters typically have greater body, complexity, and sweetness than other types of beers. As you sip the beer, you can feel the mouthfeel, and the Black Butte Porter has some fantastic aromas of coffee and chocolate. 

It’s acceptable to let darker beers warm somewhat before drinking them because this brings out additional flavours. As the temperature increases, Black Butte’s coffee gets stronger.

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When we look at the world of beer, we see an amazing variety of styles, some of which are hardly distinguishable from one another and others that are so utterly unique that it’s amazing we can call all of them “beer.” 

The top 10 beers you must sample if Fat Tire is on your list of favourites were selected using inspiration from these ingredients and flavours. You can sip to your heart’s delight because I’ve included a couple of red ales, amber ales, and amber lagers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fat Tire Flavour

Why Is It Referred To As “Fat Tire Beer?

It bears the name of Jeff Lebesch, a co-founder of New Belgium flavour who travelled through Europe on a mountain bike with “fat tires,” passing several renowned beer towns.

What Is The Carb Count Of Fat Tire Beer?

One Flavor Of Beer Fat Tire has 150 calories, 0g fat, 14g total carbohydrates, 14g net carbs, and 1g protein.

Is Fat Tire Hoppy?

The flavour of Fat Tire closely resembles the aroma, especially the caramel overtones, and barely detects the hop flavour. 

You’re left with a pleasant and mildly sweet beer. Citrus and other fruity esters do appear in the flavour, but unfiltered wheat ale, biscuit, malt, and bread flavours predominate.

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