We’re making it even easier to get beer for your home or office.

Have an upcoming event? Need to restock the fridge? Just message BREWPUBLIK’s new @beermebot, available for your home, office, or wherever! Follow the steps below to let @beermebot do the work for you:

STEP 1: Click the button on the right to add beermebot to your Slack instance.

STEP 2: After you grant @beermebot access you will get a message from @beermebot. Respond with a simple “hello."

STEP 3: To use @beermebot in the future for an event, your home, office, or wherever, just start a direct message or mention @beermebot and say "beer me.” Simple as that! @beermebot will do everything for you!

Questions? Email or your BREWPUBLIK rep and we'll get right back to you!


Available in San Francisco, Charlotte, Raleigh and Charleston at this time.